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Vedic Astrology: How Do The Planets Flavour Your Sex Life?

Just imagine if you could get a clear picture of your sexual tendencies without going through trials and errors to see what works for you! Your Vedic astrology chart is just that. It can give you information about many aspects of your life and your love life is one of them. The planets have their own characteristics and their influence on certain houses add more facets to the signification of the house. These placements make each person unique.

The Houses

How Do You Express Your Passions?
How Do You Express Your Passions?

The different houses in the birth chart signify the various aspects of life. The houses of the birth chart are classified based on their primary motivations. The desire or Kama houses are the 3rd, 7th and 11th. Of these sexual desires is primarily under the 7th house. The 8th house and 12th house also give us information about the person’s sex life. Regardless of people’s obsession with other aspects of sex, it is a proven fact that the seat of sexual pleasure is in the mind. So, Vedic astrology also studies the relevant houses from the Moon chart as the Moon signifies the mind. The Planets Venus, Moon and Mars and their placements also gives insights on the sexual life of person.

7th House

Mars in the 7th house makes the person very passionate and impatient in sex. Saturn has the opposite effect. Sun can bring too much ego into the bedroom. Jupiter makes for a passionate person without any extreme aspects. Rahu, on the other hand, amplifies the desire but is less straightforward. Ketu in the 7th gives sexual problems or disinterest. Venus in the 7th makes the most wonderful and enjoyable lover. Moon in the 7th makes a romantic lover if strong. Malefic aspects to the 7th house will modify these indications. 

8th House And Size

One particularly interesting way to determine the function and size of a man’s organ is through the 8th house lord. When the 8th house lord is the Moon, the organs will be normal but the person will be very changeable and moody in sexual affairs. 8th lord Jupiter gives normal organs and function. Sun gives good size and performance. Venus gives normal or better organs and great delight in the sexual act. Saturn makes the organ bigger but negatively affects performance. Mars amplifies the desire but reduces the size. When the 8th lord is Mercury, there is an inferiority complex with regard to the sexual organ and performance. 

Balance Is The Key To Satisfaction

12th House

The 12th house is the house of bed pleasures and also isolation. Things in the 12th house get hidden. So, if any of the combinations that indicate over-sexuality or affairs is in the 12th house, they will be hidden. The 7th lord in the 12th house gives the person an overt interest in sex. If the lords are interchanged it enhances the effect with very negative consequences. 

The Planets

The main planets that govern the person’s romantic or sexual inclinations are Mars and Venus. Venus is romantic desires while Mars is passion. If these two planets influence each other in the chart the person’s sex drive will be higher than average.

Rahu is obsessive and insatiable. Rahu’s influence on the 7th, 8th or 12th houses or on Mars and Venus amplifies desire in a big way. Ketu detaches and will have a nullifying effect on desire. 

Male Planets

The planets are also assigned genders and many personal characteristics as per Vedic astrology. The masculine planets are Jupiter, Sun and Mars. Jupiter is the wise male. Sun is a mature and rather self-centred male. Mars is the aggressive, passionate and fiery male in his prime. 

Female Planets

The Moon and Venus are the feminine romantic planets. Rahu is also feminine but a very fiery, unconventional and overly aggressive passionate female. 

Third Gender

Saturn, Mercury and Ketu do not fall in either the male or female categories and are classified as neutral. Saturn is an aged male and therefore sexually incapable. Mercury is so dual and gender-fluid that he is neutral sexually. Some look at Mercury as a sexually immature adolescent. Ketu as mentioned earlier causes detachment. In the extreme Ketu can even cause celibacy or asexuality.

Sun And Jupiter – Well Balanced

So, we see how each of the planets brings influence to sexuality. When the Sun influences the houses or planets of sexuality there will be a positive influence as well as arrogance and domination in sexual relationships. Jupiter’s influence brings self-control and subdues any excessive or unnatural wants in sexuality. Jupiter, however, does not spoil the sexual appetite but keeps it within the boundaries of conventionality.

Mars – Passion

Mars is the very passionate influence that in certain places in the horoscope causes Mangal Dosh. this just means that the person is very passionate in the areas that Mars influences and should be ideally matched with a partner who has the capability to match the passion. 

How Do You Feel About Sex? Let Your Birthchart Give You Clues

Venus – Romance

Venus is desire. When placed in houses of desire the desire for sexual union and romance is more than average. Mars’ influence on Venus can send this desire to an even higher level. Generally, Mars and Venus influence to each other results in a person who the average person classifies as ‘oversexed’. 

Mercury – Fun

Mercury with another neutral or malefic influence could make the person less sexual. But an unafflicted Mercury brings a lot of playfulness and fun into the sexual relationship. The person would be very interested in being creative and trying new things. The changeable nature of Mercury, however, might give the tendency to want more than one partner. 

Rahu – No Limits

Rahu brings excessiveness into the bedroom. There is too much obsessive desire. Rahu is also the significator of things out of the ordinary. So a person with Rahu influence on the planets and houses of desire makes the person interested in trying things that are ‘kinky’ or out of the way. If the partner is well matched this would make for extremely passionate sexual encounters. But Rahu’s tendency to never be satisfied could lead to the person wanting more than it is possible for a partner to give. Rahu can be sly or indirect in the approach though Rahu in the act itself is anything but shy.

Rahu – Insatiable

Saturn – Speed Breaker

Saturn is the wet blanket on sexual desire. The planet makes sex rather dutiful and normal. When other neutral planets influence Saturn it could mean sexual insufficiency. When there is a combination that indicates a high sex drive Saturn’s involvement as a malefic can make it more so. 

Some Combinations That Cause A High Sex Drive

We saw that Venus, Mars and the 7th lord are the most common causes of a high sex drive. Here are some likely combinations that help one understand how the connections and placements of these planets affect the sex drive:

  • When there is an affliction to the 7th house as well as an affliction to the 12th house of bed pleasures
  • Mars conjoined with Venus and afflicted
  • Saturn with Mars and Moon in the 7th house
  • Mars and Venus exchanging signs and at the same time in a Navamsa of Saturn or in interchanged Navamsas
  • Venus in the 7th house and afflicted
  • Venus in the Navamsa of Mars or Saturn
  • Lord of the 1st house with the lord of the 6th and afflicted
  • 7th lord in Lagna and weak Moon in 7th house with both the Lagna and the 7th house under affliction or malefic influence
  • Venus in a Rashi owned by Mercury (Mithuna or Kanya) and aspected by Mars
  • 7th lord, 7th house and Venus under Mars influence
  • Parivartana or exchange between the 7th and 12th house lords
  • The 7th house with Venus, Mars and Mercury
  • Mercury with Venus in the 7th house
  • The 7th lord placed with the 6th lord
Venus And Mars – Too Much To Handle

Very Low Sex Drive

The neutral or third gender planets when aspecting or combined with Mars and Venus cause higher sex drive. But when there is more emphasis or connection of these planets with each other or the respective houses it has the opposite effect of lowering the libido. Some examples are:

  • Saturn and Moon conjunction in the 4th or 10th house from Mars
  • When the lord of the 1st house is Saturn (Makara or Kumbha Lagna) and is aspected by Ketu or Mars
  • Both Saturn and the 1st house lord aspected by both Mars and Ketu
  • Saturn with either Rahu or Ketu in the 8th house
  • Rahu and Saturn in the 1st house or with the Moon

Secret relationships can be figured out by the relationship of 5th house, 7th house and the eighth house and the aspects to the combination. Also, the dignity of the yuti and the aspects indicates the type of secret relationship that will be maintained.


Merely the presence of certain positions of planets in a chart cannot lead to a definite conclusion. The indications of the planets should also be checked and confirmed in the Navamsa chart. Most people with high or low sex drives have good relationships and marriage despite the variations in desire. When the horoscopes of the couple are well balanced and matched they derive satisfaction regardless. However, when there is no supporting factor for relationships, a low or high sex drive can be the cause of relationship issues.

When there are supportive planets for fertility and children, this is not an issue. Otherwise low sex drive and a troubles 5th house of children can cause fertility issues. When the Lagna, 5th and 9th houses (that control judgement) are strong, even a high sex drive will not impact fidelity. But if the person’s ability to stick to the conventions is impaired and infidelity or promiscuity result.