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Baby Vedic Name-Kalpana

Different Houses in Vedic Astrology


The name Kalpana is given to girls. As per Indian astrology, Names starting with the alphabet K have a keen focus on career and Kalpana is no exception. Girls given this name usually have voracious knowledge which helps them shine in career. Girls with this name, however attain work and personal life balance. 

Girls with name Kalpana are usually attractive looking and they shine if they choose glamorous professions. They find little hardship in achieving fame and success. However, these girls tend to be generous minded despite the success they achieve in life. They are likely to find the right match in their love life. 

The meaning of the name Kalpana is imagination. Girls having this name typically turn out to be trustworthy. They are positive by nature and have the capability of molding situations to their favor. They are quiet extrovert by nature and somehow do not share their sufferings with others. Apart from that- they are quite sympathetic to others and have a spiritual mindset. They seek liberty and stay away from things that are chaotic. 

Girls with the name Kalpana are courageous and brilliant. They always seek perfection in life and things they get involved in. They like spending time with like minded people and they typically tend to be religious in nature. Their inquisitive nature makes them explore things in life. 

The only major drawback in girls with the name Kalpana is that they believe in themselves and so have high expectation from themselves. This can sometimes make them somewhat restless and they waver between various thoughts. As per Indian Vedic astrology Kalpana gets expression number 11. They are blessed with artistic sensitivity and psychic abilities.