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Baby Vedic Names-Saket


Baby name– Saket  

Gender– Boy

Origin– Hindu, Indian

Meaning– Lord Krishna; Heaven; Abode of God; Place where liberated souls dwell; (Also an old name for ancient city of Ayodhya, the mythological birthplace of Rama, one of the avatars of Krishna, and capital of Kosala. Saket is also the place of Ajanavana the ancient forest where Gautam Buddha used to live and preach); (Mythological meaning) Black rose of Heaven

Number– 6

Moon sign– Kumbha

Star– Satabishaka

Similar names– Saaket, Salarjung, Samarendu, Samarth, Sambaran; Related names include Vihaan, Saatvik, Atharva, Syash, Shaurya, Aarav, Dhruv, Ruhan, Neev, Divit, Devansh, Nihal

Vedic connection– The word Saket is associated with the ideal society, the ideal man, the Epic hero Rama. Rama is referred to as the ideal man, ideal son, ideal brother and ideal ruler.The name is also part of Buddhist literature and references. Because of the connection with Rama, the name is said to give a feeling of being close to God or Heaven (Swarg). Saket is Lord Krishna’s name, as well, because it means black rose of heaven, and Krishna is said to have dark complexion. Saket is also the name of an epic Hindi modern poetic interpretation of Ramayana, where a portrayal of ideal society is depicted

Astrology– Astrologically, the name is associated with skills like public speaking, motivating everyone, creating impactful impression on people and creating admiration and beauty. The letter S is significantly associated with ideal qualities like dedication, commitment, spirituality, organisational abilities, creation of Utopia like fantasy and imagination. The name also symbolises happiness, the abilities of being the right persons, extreme care of people all around and general capability of resolving issues.