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Baby Names Based on Lord Rama

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HariramLord Rama
KushSacred grass, A son of the God Ram (Son of Rama and Sita); son of Lord Rama
ParasmeMost superior, Lord Rama
RaghavLord Rama, A descendent of Raghu, A patronymic of Ramachandra; Lord Rama
RaghavanA descendant of raghuvamsa, Often meaning Lord Rama
RaghavendraLord Rama, Chief or Lord of the raghavas; Lord Rama
RaghbirBrave Lord Rama
RaghuThe family of Lord Rama
RaghukumaraLord Rama, Prince belonging to the Raghu clan; Lord Ram
RaghunandanLord Rama, A name to the ultimately formless (Advita), An incarnation of Lord Vishnu; Lord Rama
RaghunathLord Rama, Lord of the raghavas; Lord Rama
RaghupatiLord Rama, Master of the raghavas; Lord Rama
JayaramVictory to Lord Ram
SairamThis comes from Indian gods name, Sai baba and Lord Rama
SaketharamanA name of Lord Rama
DasarathFather of Lord Rama
DasharathiLord Rama, Son of Dasharatha; Lord Rama
DilipEvery lighting in our face, King of the solar race, Defender, Protector, Big-hearted, A generous king; A king, ancestor of Rama