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Baby Vedic Name-Kush

Baby name: Kush

Gender: Male

Meaning: Holy grass, the son of Lord Rama and Sita

Nakshatra:  Arudra

Rashi: Mithun (Gemini)

Boys with the name Kush refers to the son of Lord Rama and Sita in the great Hindu epic Ramayana. The name also means talented. So boys with the name Kush are often gifted with special abilities. Kush is the twin brother of Lava, another son of Rama and Sita. Both the sons were born when Sita was in exile for the second time.  

According to Hindu traditions, Kush ruled the Kashmir region of India including the Hindu Kush Mountains and the river Indus. Boys with the Kush are brave, bright students, and ready to face the challenges of life. Kush means tall, tufted perennial grass. Shri Krishna mentions the fact in the Bhagavad Gita for the purpose of Bhakti Yoga, or meditation on Paramatma. 

Mythological Relevance 

In the Ramayana, pregnant Sita leaves Ayodhya in protest against Lord Rama who asked her to prove her chastity to the common people of the kingdom. Sita Ma took shelter in Valmiki’s ashram, who was a great sage of the time. The ashram was situated on the banks of the beautiful river Tamsha. 

It was in Valmiki’s ashram that Sita gave birth to the twin sons, Lava, and Kush. The boys were educated and trained in military art under the tutelage and guidance of Rishi Valmiki. It was here that Kush and his brother learned about Lord Rama.


Lava and Kush recited the Ramayana in the presence of Lord Rama and a huge audience. When Lord Rama learned about Sita’s exile, he was overcome with grief. When Valmiki produced Sita in front of Lord Rama, she was embarrassed and called upon Mother Earth and vanished into the ground. It was then Lord Rama learned that Lava and Kush were his sons.