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Baby Vedic Names-Sachin


Baby name– Sachin

Gender– Boy

Origin– Hindu, Indian

Meaning– Lord Shiva; Lord Indra; Precious; Pure; Pure existence; Essence; Strength; Affectionate; symbol of Shiva; True symbol; (in Sanskrit) True; Real

Number– 9

Moon sign– Kumbha

Star– Satabishaka

Similar names– Variations of the name include Saachin, Sacin, Sachina, Shachindra, Shachivat

Vedic connection– The name Sachin is derived from Indic languages and from the Sanskrit name Shachindra, or Shachi’s Indra. Mythologically, Shachi was one of the wives of Indra. The name Sachin is also one of the many names and avatars of Lord Shiva.  According to Hindu scriptures, Lord Shiva possesses qualities of pure essence, true characteristics, genuine nature and desirable personality traits. Both Shiva and Indra are also symbols of ideal husbands. Indra’s name Sachin originated due to his protecting his wife Shachi or Indrani from evil forces, loneliness and lack of basic necessities. Indrani means Indra’s wife and Indra is known as Sachin after his wife’s name. He is referred to as Shachipati, Shachindra amd Shachivat. Mythologically, Indra and Indrani are each other’s forms, the former as a male version and the latter as a female version. In Jain literature, when a Tirthankara is born, Sachin and Shachi descend on the earth to celebrate the birth.

Astrology– Numerologically, the name Sachin denotes several qualities. Men with the name are said to show great potential, helpful nature and natural abilities to lead, inspire and utilise capabilities. The letter S is astrologically important and symbolises dedication and perseverance in personal and professional lives. The name is said to bring happiness, popularity, progress and success from hard work.  People named as Sachin are generally hard working, organised and communicative.