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Baby Vedic Names- Nandini

Baby Name: Nandini

Gender: Girl

Origin: Hindu, Indian

Nandini meaning: Daughter, Goddess Durga, Ganga, one who brings happiness

Number: 2

Moon sign (Rashi): Vruschika (Scorpio)

Star (Nakshtra): Anuradha

History behind the name: The etymology of the name Nandini lies in Sanskrit, where it means rejoicing and delightful. A name that is rightly derived from the Goddess Durga, the one who eliminates all the evils from human lives and brings happiness and peace; Nandini is a beautiful name to be given to a baby girl. In Hindu mythology, Goddess Parvati is also often addressed by this name. The name also Nandini also relates with one of the eight eternal companions of Goddes Parvati i.e. Ashtanayika. It also translates as a ‘daughter’, which signifies the importance of the girl child in Indian families who brings joy to the families. Ganga is another synonym of the name, which makes the bearer having the purest and holiest of the virtues, vices and values. Nandini name is given to a girl born in a Hindi family and has Vruschik as its moon sign, thus making them really determined and larger-than-life personalities. Women and girls carrying the name are resilient personalities who are governed by their ruling planet Pluto, and thus, they never hesitate to put in extra efforts when it comes to family, personal life or work. Like all names belonging to the Viruschik moon sign, Nandini name bearers reflect strong opinions and skills sets which they bring in their lives. They are also very helpful in nature and come forward to help you out in case of any issues. Problems related to heart and digestive system are few of the areas where the name bearers should keep an eye on.