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Baby Vedic Names-Nishant


Baby Name: Nishant

Gender: Boy

Origin: Hindu, Indian

Nandini meaning: The moon, dawn, peace, pleasant early morning, daybreak, the end of night Number: 4

Moon sign (Rashi): Vruschika (Scorpio)

Star (Nakshtra): Anuradha

History behind the name: Nishant means, “the end of Nisha (night)”, thus the end of night. Sometimes it is also referred to as the Moon, which breaks the dark and shows path even in the darkness. Nishant also represents the dawn, the morning phase that brings good hope and positivity. Therefore the person bearing the name are full of hope and see things from a different perspective. Their ruling number is 4 and therefore are very stable, calm, home-loving, detail-oriented, obedient, trustworthy, logical, active, organized, responsible and trustworthy. They are polite and only when needed utilize unforgiving words or foul language. The persons should rather take into account the impulse until they find the direction they want to be in, because before they realize it, they have been prevailed upon! In spite of the fact that they seem moderate on occasion, they are really alert. They can read all the fine print before marking your name. Their uncanny capacity to effectively evaluate individuals and circumstances abandons them in life. They carry an extraordinary presence of mind and a higher capacity throughout everyday life. They also experience serious difficulties communicating your emotions. Still overall, the name bearers are very kind, friendly, warm, well-disposed, and simple to be with and know the art of unwinding very well. You have an extraordinary presence of mind and a higher capacity throughout everyday life. They are also very passionate individuals, and their hearts can be easily broken. Life is a normal phase, and they turn out to be really grounded with a low flamboyance.