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Baby Vedic Names- Nandita


Baby Name: Nandita

Gender: Girl

Origin: Hindu, Indian

Nandini meaning: cheerful, happy, one who pleases

Number: 9

Moon sign (Rashi): Vruschika (Scorpio)

Star (Nakshtra): Anuradha

History behind the name: Nandita is an Indian origin name, which means a person who is happy and cheerful, and brings happiness to others. Women and girls bearing the name carry the same cheery characteristics in their lives too. They generally have a great common sense and a higher ability to live life to its fullest. They are also foresighted and with high intuition, thus can see thing much before they happen. Like all Scropio, they are highly analytical and they bring this skill in analyzing life as well. As a result of which, they are very reasonable people to be around. As a person they enjoy the little things in life and are fun to be with, yet are really sensitive when it comes to matters related to heart. They can also be deeply influenced through the thoughts of others without realizing just how you are being affected. Many also go through nervous breakdowns as their disturbing thoughts affect their concentration and memory. Career wise arts, music and drama are the preferred choices of industry that they should embarking on. It is where they can also reach out to the financial successes with their efforts and abilities. Since, most of the name bearers are not inclined to give due consideration to practical and business matters, they could miss out on reaching a level of financial success despite of their efforts and abilities. The only health problems that could become erratic and problematic is related to bodily fluids. So, over consumption of alcoholic drinks should be done under watchful eyes.