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Goals Of Life According To Bhavas: Meaning & Houses

Goals of Life According To Bhavas

The goal of life is explained through the concept of  Purusharthas in Vedic astrology. The Purusharthas refers to the inherent values of the Universe: Artha (economic values), Kama (pleasure), Dharma (righteousness), and Moksha (liberation). These values guide us at each and every stage of our lives. In fact, they help you to create a satisfyingly balanced and meaningful life, in the most holistic manner. Hence, the goals of life according to bhavas in our horoscope points out those houses which control the four tenets, or value of the universe.


Purushartha is a combination of two Sanskrit words. Purusha meaning “human being” or “soul” and Artha meaning “purpose”.  Hence, Puruṣartha means “the purpose of a human being”. The four purposes of human life are Dharma, Artha, Kama, and Moksha. 

Goals of Life
Trikona of Moksha-Dharma-Artha-Karma

The  Goal of Life According To Bhavas

The houses 1, 5, and 9 are Dharma houses. 2, 6, and 10 are Artha houses. 3, 7, and 11 are Kama houses. In addition, 4, 8, and 12 are Moksha houses.

The Goal Of Life According To Dharma Bhavas

The 1st House or Lagna is a Tanu Sthana which means body.  It controls your birth, body, looks, soul, personality traits, longevity, health, character, and nature.

The  5th house or Putra Sthana, represents children, education, intellect, creativity, mantra, tantra, and pooja.

Goals Of Life According To Dharma Bhava
Dharma Trikona

The 9th house, or Bhagya Sthana, represents luck, prosperity, guru, father, religious and spiritual progress, and knowledge of the scriptures.

The goal of life according to Dharma bhavas is to understand the purpose of your existence. The Trikona Dharma talks about the way we execute work or how we do our duty. The 1st house is the Lagna house. It determines our whole existence, it says who we are. Accotrdingly, our dharma will also differ. The 5th house states our abilities. The rules or the principles of fulfilling your duties are laid down in the 9th house. Moreover, you choose your principle-based on ability.

The Goal Of Life According To Artha Bhavas

The 2nd house or Dhana Sthana represents your wealth, speech, family, face, right eye, charity, and death.

The 6th house or Shatru Sthana covers health, illness, injuries, loans, sports, maternal uncle, enemies, and opposition.

Artha Triangle
Artha Triangle

The 10th house controls your profession, business, authority, power, honors, and achievements.

Artha Trikona not only refers to money but also what you should do to accumulate wealth. In addition, these houses decide your purpose for work. The 2nd House governs the purpose of earning money. In the process of accumulation of wealth, there can be many challenges and obstacles, these roadblocks need to be taken care of through constant effort. The 6th house governs this aspect of controlling challenges. The 10th house gives the final results of our actions.

Kama Houses

The 3rd house or Bhatru Sthana represents your younger brothers and sisters, courage, communications, talents, skills, sports, and business.

The 7th house or Kalatra Sthana governs spouse, sex life, reproduction, genital organs, partners, enjoyments, and death.

Moksha Triangle
Moksha Triangle

The 11th house covers financial gains, income, good news, money, friends, long-distance travel, and entertainment.

Kama Trikona represents the desire or the motivation of the work. The 3rd house talks of the initiative. It takes care of the first step you take towards a task in hand. 7th house governs desire or what you want out of your work. Without expectation, you cannot get the motivation to do something. 11th house controls the fulfillment of our desire. In fact, it is the house of gains, income, and earnings.

Moksha Houses

The 4th bhava or Matru Sthana, represents mother, home, relatives, office or factory, emotions, happiness, property, education, mental peace.

The 8th house or Ayu Sthana represents destruction, accidents, physical pains, inheritance, legacies, and insurance.

Moksha Triangle
Moksha Triangle

The 12th house governs losses, waste, expenses, sadhana, and Moksha. Each of the 9 different planets gives different results in the 12th house. Besides, it can often be totally opposite results from bad to good depending on the type of planet. 

Moksha Trikona is most important for spiritual growth. Moksha means overcoming of gain or desire. Moreover, the goal of life according to Moksha bhavya is to free the soul from the cycle of birth. For attaining this you need to do Nishkam karma or overcome desire as per the 4th house. 8th house in this Trikona is the house of occult knowledge or sadhana which is necessary to achieve moksha. It is the effort to achieve the Moksha. 12th house refers to giving away everything. It is the opposite of 11th house.