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What is the significance of Vastu Shastra in a person’s life?

We expect to be happy in the home we build, hope our family will continue to live in it for a long time. For this, the home needs to enhance our physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. Vastu Shastra provides ways to do this.

Significance of Vastu Shastra

Significance of Vastu Shastra - Vastu Chakra
Vastu Chakra – Important Directions

Vastu Shastra is the Hindu science of architecture. It is not a rigid science, it provides the basic guidelines that you may adapt to the type of structure you are building.

Vastu Shastra teaches how to design and construct buildings that are in harmony with nature, that make the optimal utilization of natural energies, light, and air. Different deities and elements rule different areas of a site. This means you cannot place your water tank in a place ruled by Agni. Likewise, you cannot have your kitchen in the place ruled by water. 

Vastu Shastra also provides a basic framework for making the best use of sunlight as it changes positions throughout the day. To illustrate, the northeast direction is ideal for Puja room as this is the position the sun is in before dawn, during the auspicious Brahma Muhurta. Similarly, you are directed where to place other rooms to make the best use of the light and heat of the sun. 

So, what is the significance of Vastu Shastra in your life?

How These Principles Work on a Large Scale

Here is how Vastu Sashtra principles have affect the destinies of cities and nations:

Japan is a country surrounded by the sea. Now, North and Northeast are ideal directions for water. Japan has vast open spaces in the East, ideal to get the full benefit of the Sun. All these make Japan a very prosperous country. On the other hand, Japan is surrounded by water on the South and Southeast, which are the areas for fire. This causes earthquakes, tsunamis, and other calamities.

Japan Map
Japans Topography and Its Significance in Vastu Shastra

In India, Mumbai vividly illustrates the significance of Vastu Shastra. It has water in the North East while a nuclear power plant aptly sits in the region of Agni. All this makes Mumbai a prosperous and powerful city.

So, how is Vastu important in one’s life?

The Various Benefits You Get in Daily Life

The universe is filled with energy in various forms. Your body also contains all these energies. Further, it is also made up of the five elements – Space, air, fire, water, and earth. Your body too has poles like the earth, with your head being the North Pole. So, there is Vastu in a person and it has to be in harmony with the forces outside. This is important for mental and physical health.

Vastu for Success in Life

Vastu Shastra explains how to correctly utilize the naturally occurring light, heat, electrical, thermal, solar, and wind energy. Thus, you live in tune with nature and reap the benefits of Vastu in daily life.


Your health gets better when you live in harmony with all the cosmic forces. When your health improves, your mental wellbeing also improves. Follow simple rules, like sleeping with your head towards the south while your feet stretch northwards. This is because your head is your body’s north pole and like poles repel. So, keeping your head in the north can cause disturbed sleep.


Wallet with Indian Money
Good Vastu grants prosperity

Following Vastu in life removes negative energy and makes your house invite auspiciousness and prosperity. So, your wealth increases, making life easier.


As your physical and mental well-being increases and your financial circumstances improve, you naturally become happier.


Once you are happy and enjoy good health, you are bright and alert, your thinking becomes clear, you stay calm even in challenging situations and find solutions quickly. This makes you more successful in your work.

Relationships Improve

There is no longer high levels of tension and strife because negative energy in your home reduces and positive energy and thoughts increase. Your relationship improves, there is better bonding within your family and even with other relatives and friends.

Spiritual Growth

As you stop worrying about various material issues, when you have peace calm, and love within the home, you are able to relax. Then, your thoughts turn inwards You begin to examine the questions of who you are, what is your purpose in life, what the ultimate goal is, and so on. 

Woman meditating
The spiritual significance of Vastu Shastra

So, as you can see, the significance of Vastu Shastra is that it can positively affect all the different aspects of your life, making it much better. Good health, prosperity, peace, good relationships, happiness and contentment increase. When your mind is free of material worries, you also begin a higher, spiritual quest. So, applying Vastu in life lifts you physically, mentally, and spiritually.