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Vastu Shastra: Significance, Elements, Effects, Remedies & More!

Vastu chart

Are you getting ill often? Are you facing financial problems? Then you might be suffering from Vastu dosha and the only way out of this is to get help from someone who is an expert in Vastu Shastra.

What is Vastu Shastra?

Vastu Shastra Chart
Vastu Shastra Chart

Vastu Shastra is an ancient science of architecture based on the five elements of nature or ‘Pancha Bhootas’. The premise of Vastu Shastra is that by replacing negative energies with positive energies you can have a happy and prosperous life. These positive energies are emitted by different directions when there is a balance of the five elements – air, water, earth, sky, and fire, according to Vastu Vidya. Whereas, if these are not in harmony it can have adverse effects.

Vastu Shastra has been put together by our sages and priests. It is a science which is 5000 years old. In ancient India, sages and the priests had the power to connect man with the five elements of nature. They recognized that man is also a combination of Pancha Bhootas and any imbalance leads to illness, tensions, and maybe death. Therefore, man’s abode, his workplace, and surroundings where he spends the maximum amount of time of his life must have harmony among all elements. It is based on knowledge of the flow of the magnetic currents and the magnetic fields, gravitational effects of Earth, the direction and velocity of winds, and light and heat of the Sun. 

Swastik Yantra is an Important Remedy in Vastu Shastra
Swastik Yantra is an Important Remedy in Vastu Shastra


Vastu Shastra helps you to protect your home or surroundings from negativity and evil eyes. It is an architectural science which gives you knowledge of construction keeping in mind, the natural and simple rules of the universe. It believes that if you have proper harmony of the five elements of nature then you will have a progressive and prosperous life because these elements directly influence your deeds, lives, and luck.

Five elements of Vastu Shastra

In Vastu Shastra, five elements are at the centre.  If these five elements are placed properly in a home, they will emit positive energies from all directions. These are:

Air: Air controls enjoyment, happiness, and fun. It encourages the spirit to experiment, and power of intuition. It rules the eastern direction.

Earth: It gives you stability and balance. It remains at the centre of the house. 

Water: It signifies new ideas, the flow of new opportunities and good health. It rules the North direction. It leads to clarity of thoughts, spirituality, and goodness in mankind.

Vastu Shanti Puja
Vastu Shanti Puja to Get Blessings of Vastu Shastra

Fire: Fire exists in the southern direction of a house and represents light and heat. Fire gives health, wealth and fame.  It provides confidence, enthusiasm, optimism, and strength. 

Sky: It helps in getting new opportunities and understanding new creative ideas. 

 Eight Directions of Vastu Shastra & Their Effects

Let’s try to understand the effects of imbalanced elements through the study of each direction. A defect in these directions leads to:

North Direction: Considerable losses in finance. There can be an unexpected increase in expenses and loans. On the other hand, savings will be little, income might reduce.   

Eastern direction: Health and relationships problems. Conflicts will disturb a relationship. Recognition becomes difficult, even after working hard.

South Direction: Legal disputes, loss of work, lack of fame and eye-related problems.

Vastu Shastra directions and elements
Vastu Shastra Directions And Elements

Northeast: Family tussles, accidents, surgeries, and legal discords. It is the master of luck and fortune, hence bad luck happens when it is defective.

Northwest: Mental problems, legal and heart issues.

Southeast: Affects peace of mind. Leads to useless fear of theft, failure, and pessimistic thoughts. 

Southwest:  Loss of money, domestic problems between husband and wife, lack of promotion and delay in marriage.


If the Pancha Bhootas is in balance according to Vastu Shastra for the home, office, shop, or any other space, then you will be able to draw energy and power from the universe effortlessly. Hence, growth, health, and success will be easily achievable. Remedies for different directions are:

Remedy in Vastu Shastra
Swastik At The Main Door: Remedy in Vastu Shastra
  1. North – Bathroom, kitchen or any other cuts should not be present on the north side of the house. 
  2. East – Do not build the bathroom, high rise walls in the east. It is the direction of the sun, therefore there should be open space, for the energy of the sun to enter the house.
  3. West – There should be no big windows, electric motors, wells in the west area of the house.
  4. South – Dining hall, septic tank, and sewage disposal plants should not be in this direction.
  5. Northeast – Kitchen, bathroom, overhead tank, storeroom or staircase should be avoided and heavy items should not be placed in this direction
  6. North west- Avoid main entrance and house temple.
  7. Southeast – Avoid having the main entrance, bore well or septic tank in the southeast.
  8. South west-Underground water tank, temple, kitchen, basement, and any sewage disposal plants shouldn’t be in the southwest direction.