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Shukra Dosha – Introduction, Causes, Effects, Remedies


Shukra, the planet Venus, is known to provide all the comforts and luxuries in life. It’s a highly beneficial celestial body only if in alignment with your horoscope. The planet is the ruler of Vrishabha and Tula rashi. Venus is also the god of love and romance and reflects feminine qualities. If Shukra is strong in your birth chart, you will appreciate nature and enjoy harmonious relationships. However, due to Shukra Dosha, you will experience several ill-effects and hardships in your life.

Significance of Shukra in Shukra Dosha

Shukra Graha in astrology has immense power to induce beauty, harmony, deep feelings and sympathy in your life. It will play a profound role in your marriage & other relationships, business, art and also in the quality of your social life.

Speaking of love and romance, Venus doesn’t reflect what your ideal partner or how your relationships will be like. Instead, it gives an overall picture of your love preferences as an individual and your likely attractions. This can actually be the opposite of what is beneficial to you.

In short, Venus influences your love preferences, how you behave in relationships, what you are looking for in relationships and your creative expression. It, also, strongly influences how your creative juices flow and the unique style you have towards artistic expression.

A depiction of Shukra Dasha
Shukra Dasha

Shukra Dosha, its Causes and the Effects

The ill-effects of Shukra invite troubled married life and disturbed family life, weakness of sexual organs, loss of wealth, health problems, particularly the eyes and kidneys and others. It also leads to the loss of bodily lustre, asthma and paralysis.

All these issues are due to the ill-placed Venus in your natal chart during your birth. Venus in different houses gives different results depending on its position during the time of birth.

The native with an ill-placed Shukra will also suffer business losses, build debt and will also experience defame in personal or professional lives. Other bad effects include:

  • Loss through gambling and race
  • Intoxication
  • Seeking sexual gratification through illegal means
  • Indigestion and other stomach problems
  • Unhealthy looks and lethargic feeling
  • Absolving of marriage

All the above of Shukra Dosha in Kundalini depends on the placement. But all the effects are there to some degree in everyone. But the placement determines when and how much every issue affects the native.

This is a representation of Lord Shukra
Shukra Graha Image

Effects of Venus Depending on its Placement

1st House: You will be beautiful and creative with an abundance of knowledge. You love travelling and you will attract the opposite sex easily.

2nd House: You will be very wealthy and brave with loads of good reputation and intelligence.

3rd House: You are a very lazy person. However, you have an artistic nature and good fortune.

4th House: Your thoughts are excellent and you have a lot of friends. You will make a lot of property.

5th House: You will be talented and will enjoy a high standing in society.

6th House: You will be very creative and intelligent in your field of expertise. You may face some health issues too. You will see success after a specific period.

7th House: You will have a good spouse and your good fate will increase only after marriage. However, you need to control your spending on luxurious items.

8th House: You will suffer ill-health and cause problems for others. You are wise but are very short-tempered. You will have issues with the opposite sex.

9th House: You will be very attractive, even when you grow old. You are spiritual, religious and an achiever.

10th House: You are multi-talented and a lover of justice.

11th House: You have a love for good vehicles and will also possess a few. You will be wealthy.

12th House: You will be intelligent and wealthy. But, if Venus is negative, you become lazy and suffer some diseases.

Planet Venus is the represents Lord Shukra
Planet Venus

Remedies for Shukra Dosha

As part of Shukra Dosha Remedies, you have to observe fast on Fridays. This is because Friday belongs to Goddess Shakti who happens to be the ruler of Shukra Graha. Worshipping Goddess Lakshmi on Fridays brings you happiness, good luck and material wealth.

You can also wear diamond gemstones to get rid of the malefic effects of Shukra. You have to make a ring using gold or silver and wear it on your ring finger. However, before wearing, make sure to consult an astrologer for the same.

The idol of Lord Shukra
Shukra Idol

A Saath Mukhi rudraksha also does the job and removes the obstacles caused by Shukra.
Another remedy for Shukra Dosha is offering pooja to Goddess Lakshmi and chanting Devi Stuthi or Durga Chalisa. You can also chant the Shukra Beej Mantra to reap the benefits.

Shukra Dosh