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Surya Dosha – Introduction, Causes, Effects, Remedies

Surya dev and the importance of sun in vedic astrology

Sun is believed to be the king among the nine planets. It’s a luminary star providing heat, energy and light to sustain life on planet earth. It’s a life-giving force that radiates strength, power and vitality. It also has a profound effect on one’s personality and the performance of daily activities. The sun is a heavenly body and the centre of the solar system. Lord Vishnu is the main deity of the sun and worshipping him is essential to appease this giant celestial body to reap the rewards.

Remember, the sun is actually not a planet but is considered one due to the effects it bears on human lives, astrologically. In astrology, anything that affects life on earth is considered a planet.

Surya Dosha

Vedic astrology states that the sun passes through the 12 zodiac signs, spending a month in each. It has a major influence on the lives of humans and, represents authority with the power to lead and face challenges with a strong will.

However, when the sun’s position in an individual’s horoscope is weak, it can lead to detrimental effects in the life of the native. The sun occupies different positions in the natal chart and it also differs individually.

The different results of the position of the sun vary according to the ascendant of the native. Each of these different positions decides the strong points and the weak ones in your natal chart.

This is a representation of Lord Shani with his chariot
This is a representation of Lord Shani with his chariot

Symptoms of Surya Dosha

Very often, individuals are not sure if the sun in their birth chart is weak or not. A range of symptoms signifies the possibility of the malefic effects of the sun in your birth chart. A detailed study of the following symptoms can clear out your doubts and recognize the effects of Surya Dosha:

  • You experience constant weakness, and you become lethargic. Your body can’t function properly.
  • Sun is related to the bones, and the malefic effects can result in bone and joint problems
  • You experience frequent numbness in your hands or legs
  • It results in weak eyesight and causes colour-blindness
  • Personality disorders like low confidence, social withdrawal, inferiority complex and a pessimistic approach towards life are common
  • Heart-related ailments are common in the individual
  • Lack of self-respect and a poor life condition take over
  • It can cause paralysis and other diseases
  • The native experiences a miserable1 childhood
  • You experience issues in tasks related to government
  • It affects the father and son relationship and, you will be deprived of your father’s love

The Effects of Surya Grahan Dosh

Surya Dosha Effects can create havoc in the lives of individuals experiencing it and can show up in the most unpleasant ways. The most common ill-effects are arrogance, ill-temperament, haughtiness, anger, extravagant nature, etc.

The sun, when badly positioned in your birth chart, can give rise to inauspicious results and a host of health problems that interfere in your daily life. Some of the most damaging effects include:

  • A bad relationship with father
  • Cause problems to your father
  • Mental health issues
  • Overall lack of happiness
  • Several health problems, both physically and psychologically
  • Low stamina and low self-esteem
  • Overly aggressive personality

It can also affect your relationship with your spouse, leading to deep misunderstanding or even divorce, and problems performing in the professional world. Here are the ill effects of the sun positioned in different houses:

  • 1st house: The sun can create health problems for the native
  • 2nd house: It’s unfavourable for the family
  • 6th house: The sun affects the sisters and/or daughters of the native
  • 7th house: The sun causes disharmony and poor rapport with the spouse
  • 9th house: Problems arise with the forefathers causing issues in properties matters
  • 10th house: It’s unfavourable for the father of the native
  • 12th house: The individual experiences sleep problems and some mental health issues
This is a close up look of Lord Surya
Lord Surya Statue

The debilitated position of the sun affects your career and causes problems in the field of administration and management. It also creates a lot of issues in careers related to politics and medical science.

With an afflicted sun, you will probably not get the recognition you deserve and, your colleagues may not be obedient with you. It also results in conflicts with top management.

Remedies for the Effects of a Weak Sun

As for every dosh in the horoscope, there are remedial measures to be taken to overcome the ill-effects of Surya Dosha. As a native with any of the above-mentioned indications, you might want to have a closer look and put efforts to empower the sun in your horoscope.

There are several remedial measures to take when the sun is ill-placed. However, you should talk to and seek the advice of a qualified astrologer before taking these measures. The measures to take in order to rectify the bad effects of Surya Grahan Dosh are:

  • Read Aditya Hriday Stotram daily
  • Appease planet sun by fasting on Sundays since it’s the day of Lord Surya Deva. You should only have sweet food only once in a day
  • Worship Lord Ram to remove the malefic effects of Surya dosh
  • You should wear a 12-mukhi rudraksha mala. This particular rudraksha represents Lord Ram who is the ruler of the sun
  • Performing Surya namaskar strengthens weak sun and also keeps you healthy. This should be done early in the morning
  • Serve and respect your father to strengthen the sun in your birth chart
  • Wear ruby with gold or silver on an auspicious day. Dip the ring in milk, honey and holy water and chant the Surya Mantra before wearing to energize it
  • Offer wheat and jaggery to cows daily. Serving a black cow is recommended
  • Pray and offer water to the sun during sunrise since the sun rays are positive and energetic
  • Chant Gayatri Mantra consistently. It’s a highly energetic mantra that emits positive vibrations and makes the sun favourable
  • Wear root of Bel tree with white thread around your neck


One of the best Surya Graha Dosha Remedies is a donation. Make sure to help and donate something useful to the poor and the needy. You should donate without any expectations in return. Don’t even think about getting rid of the malefic effects and, donate unanimously. AS part of Surya graha Shanti, you can donate:

  • Wheat
  • Copper
  • Ruby
  • Red clothes
  • Savatsa Cow

You can also feed wheat to red ants. Donating items related to the moon is also very important. These include silver, rice and white clothes. You can sleep with these items and donate them the next morning to reduce the negative effects. It’s also very important not to take anything for free.

This a famous sun temple at Modhera
Sun Temple Modhera

Mantras for Sun Remedies

Mantras play a prominent role in astrology and spirituality. It’s impossible to ignore mantras for good effects since they produce powerful and positive vibrations. Mantras connect you to the almighty.

In fact, there are mantras specific for every planet and, Surya Mantra is a potent mantra to appease Lord Surya Deva. You have to chant with correct pronunciation for a specific number of times.

Performing Surya yajna with Surya mantra is a highly powerful combination that attracts favourable effects of the sun. A well-educated priest who knows the correct pronunciation should perform the yajna otherwise, it can give bad results.

Aum Hraam Hreem Hraum Sah Suryaya Namah

This Surya Beej Mantra should be chanted 7,000 times over a specified number of days. However, since this is the age of Kaliyuga where evil powers are gaining more strength, this mantra should be chanted four times that of the original. This means you have to chant this mantra 28,000 times.

Along with the Surya Beej Mantra, you can also chant this powerful Surya Gayatri Mantra:

Om Adityaay Vidmahe Divaakaraaya Dheemahi

Tannoh Suryah Prachodayaat

Wearing Surya yantra is highly recommended and you should consult a professional astrologer on how to wear one. It can be worn on the body, on the arm or around the neck. Surya yantra should be worn in any Sunday at a specific time mentioned by the priest.

Surya Mahadasha

This is the opposite of the said Dosha. Its an auspicious sign in the native’s chart. It happens when the sun is positioned closest to your nakshatra. It’s a strong sign and signifies higher positions and attracts good name and fame. You will have a strong command over speech and, you radiate confidence and bravery with a majestic outlook.

Images from the famous sun temple at Konark
Konark Sun Temple

The Takeaway

The planetary positions during an individual’s birth play an influential role in personal and professional spheres. The sun is a source of great power and incomprehensible energy. Its position in the natal chart is of prime importance. Taking a disciplined approach towards worshipping the sun, you can attract the numerous benefits of this gigantic and heavenly body.

Surya Dosh