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Chandra Dosha: Features, Effects, Remedies And More!

Are you suffering from an unstable mind? Do you feel anxious and depressive throughout the day without any reason? Do you have suicidal tendencies? Or anyone in your near family and friends are facing any of these problems? You will need some astrological advice to stabilize your condition because you might be suffering from what is known as Chandra Dosha or Chandra Grahan Dosha.

Candra Grahan Dosha

Chandra Grahan or Lunar Eclipse Dosha is a situation when the Moon is in a birth chart with Rahu or Ketu. As a matter of fact, Rahu and Ketu orbit around the sun in the opposite direction. In addition, they stay on each planet for 18 months and in a house depending on their ascendant. As they move, there might come a time when Chandra or moon will be in the same house as Rahu/ Ketu. This situation is called Chandra Dosha. If this Dosha occurs at the time of the birth of a baby, then the child will have a birth chart with the Chandra Dosha.

In fact, the instable planets, Rahu and Ketu will disorganise the effects of the moon. The moon controls the mind. It is the ruler of the mind. Under the effect of Rahu/ Ketu, the moon will lose control of the mind, hence leading to mental disorders. 

Chandra grahan
Chandra Dosha is present in the birth chart if the baby is born during a lunar eclipse

Chandra Dosha Effects

The effects of Chandra Dosha depends on the house in which the combination of Chandra-Rahu or Chandra-Ketu exists. If they exist in the second house, for example, then you will suffer from financial issues. This is because the second house controls a person’s power to earn. In this case, the effects are:

  • Finances will not be sufficient. 
  • There will be losses in wealth and property
  • Family problems will not end
  • Success in career will be difficult

If the combination of Chandra and Ketu  is in the 9th house, then Ketu will have some positive effects because Ketu will be in an exalted position in the 9th House. Hence, the combination of Chandra and Ketu will make you positive and happy. The positive effects will be:

  • You will have a calm mind 
  • Optimism towards difficult tasks
  • Respect for elders
  • You will get good opportunities in terms of career
  • Growth and progress in career will be fulfilling
  • You will share a loving relationship with your spouse or partner

During Chandra Grahan, Chandra or the moon can turn into a malefic planet because of its position around the sun. Pregnant women are most affected by Chandra Grahan according to Astrology. A pregnant woman is prescribed not to watch the moon or come out of the house in any case, during the lunar eclipse. It is said it can be dangerous for the womb. A pregnant woman cannot cut any fruit or vegetable during the period of the eclipse because that may affect the baby’s limbs. Using a scissor would affect the lips of the baby.

Chandra Rahu Ketu
Combination of Chandra Rahu or Chandra Ketu lead to Chandra Dosh

Chandra Dosha Remedies

Vedic Astrology talks about neutralising the malefic planet in a house so that the beneficial planet can shower its goodness. Thus, the remedies are sorted according to who is good or bad in a chart.

The one that is bad or malefic should be neutralised through puja, mantra chanting and offerings.

The remedies are:

  1. To chant Beej Mantra every day. The Beej Mantra is: “Om Som Somay Namaha ll”.
  2. Offer milk to Shivling on every Monday. This will neutralise Chandra if it is the malefic planet.
  3. Every Full Moon and on Mondays you must donate milk to the poor.
  4. Chant the mantra of the planet which is dangerous, so that it neutralises and stabilises that planet.  These are: ‘Om Ram Ravahe Namaha’ for Rahu and ‘Om Ketu Ketuve Namaha’ for Ketu.
  5. Offer white items to the poor, rice, sugar, mishri and sweets.
  6. Feed dogs every Saturday.
  7. Besides, do fast on the full moon days.
The planetary placements have powerful effects in our success and happiness
Chandra Dosha due to movement of planets

Candra Dosha Symptoms

The prominent symptoms of Chandra Dosha are:

  1. Body ache
  2. Mental disorder
  3. Suicidal attempts
  4. Weakness
  5. Depression
  6. Anxiety
  7. Sexual problems
  8. Tensions and worries

Chandra Dosha Mantra For Mothers-to-be

Chandra Dosha Mantra is very effective when you have a Chandra Dosha in your chart. Mantras have a vibrating effect in the atmosphere which helps in the release of positive energy, which reduces the negativity around you.

Chandra Grahan  Mantra, which is to be repeated by pregnant women during Chandra Grahan is:

“Dadhi shankha tusharabham kshirodharnava sambhavam ll

Namami shashinam somam shambhor mukutbhushanam ll”