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Is Kemadruma Dosha All Bad? The Effects and Remedies

The moon

Kemadruma Dosha is also called the Lonely Moon dosha. This dosha can affect your attitude, relationships, happiness, and success in life. However, there have been many successful personalities who had/have this dosha in their natal chart. Further, there are remedies to minimize the effects of the Kemadruma dosh.

Kemadruma Dosha Effects and Remedies

Many different doshas occur due to planetary placements in your natal chart. Kemadruma Dosha occurs when the moon is lonely in the chart. Chandra or the moon is highly significant in your horoscope. Indeed, Chandra’s position in relation to the nakshatras determines your birth star. 

Kemadruma Dosha - Lonely Moon Dosha

Kemadruma Dosha is also Known as Lonely Moon Dosha

Moreover, the moon has a significant influence on your thoughts, deeds, intelligence, and relationships. The Moon rules the mind, emotions, behaviour, intelligence, and temperament. 

Kemadruma Dosha or Lonely Moon Dosha – When Does it Occur?

This dosha forms when there are no planets other than the Sun or the shadow planets in the second and the twelfth house from the moon – directly in front and back of the moon. Kemadruma Dosha also occurs if an auspicious planet does not aspect the moon or the moon is not in conjunction with an auspicious planet.

This loneliness of the moon in the chart translates into the life of the native, who also becomes a loner.

The Effects of Kemadruma Dosha

The negative effects of this dosha

  • Kemadruma Dosha causes a person to seek solitude
  • Their mind might be restless and troubled
  • They find it difficult to form good relationships even with their family members and their children
  • They may suffer from poverty
  • These persons tend to be depressed and conflicted
  • Further, they may be emotionally weighed down, unable to complete essential tasks
  • So, they may end up being dependent on others
  • Many may find it difficult to concentrate
  • They have a lot of negativity that stops them from persevering
  • Kemadruma Dosha may cause them to face a lot of failure in life
  • Even if they earn a lot of wealth, they may lose it because of their own hasty decisions
  • These people may not be able to get a good education and have a good career
  • They may not bring much happiness to those around them
  • They may have good knowledge but may find it difficult to use it practically
Kemadrumma Dosha - You prefer to be alone
The Lonely Moon makes you seek solitude

These are the general bad effects of Kemadruma Dosha.

However, there are those who’ve had this dosha and still achieved great success in life. One significant name among these achievers is Bill Gates. There are many who have kemadruma dosh in their birth chart and still succeeded in highly competitive fields.

Cancellation of this Dosha

Kemadruma Dosh cancellation occurs if the moon is conjunct with an auspicious planet or if the moon is in the sign of an auspicious planet.

Good Effects of This Dosha

Kemadruma yoga’s main impact is on the mind, it makes it restless. If you learn to calm your mind through practice and meditation, you can turn any of the effects to your advantage:

  • Kemadruma dosha enables the person to quickly learn new things
  • They are able to gain mastery over theory, just not able to implement it
  • So, these people make great teachers, guides, counsellors, and coaches
  • If they use their knowledge to teach and guide a talented person, their combination can be unbeatable, one’s knowledge combined with the other’s execution
  • Kemadruma dosh makes you seek solitude? Spiritual pursuits become easy for you. You are not distracted by other people around you
  • If you start meditating, you can focus your mind on the Divine and gain peace and happiness
  • Your detachment prevents you from being led astray from your spiritual pursuits

Remedies for This Dosha

Kemadruma Dosha makes you a good guide
Your strong grasp of theory enables you to become a good guide or teacher
  • Practice meditation to calm your mind
  • Worship Chandra (the moon) and chant the mantra Om Som Somaya Namaha 108 times every day
  • Pray to Lord Shiva and Parvati for relief from Kemadruma Dosha
  • Observe fasting on Purnima days for one year, begin from a Purnima that falls on a Monday
  • Drink water from a silver cup
  • On Mondays, perform milk abhisheka for Lord Shiva
  • Chant Om Namah Shivaya regularly
  • Do Maha Mrityunajaya Japa
  • Seek the blessings of your mother and other older women
  • Wear a pearl ring set in silver, or a silver pendant set with a pearl
  • Get a small silver idol of Sri Mahalakshmi and perform puja
    • Get a Dakshinavarti Shankh
    • Fill this shankha with water and keep it in front of the Lakshmi idol
    • Recite the Sri Suktam
    • After finishing the recital, pour the water from the cinch over the Lakshmi idol, then dry it with a clean cloth
    • Wear a Sri Yantra made from silver and set with a pearl

As you can see, Kemadruma Dosha may result in some harmful effects, but it also has some positive aspects. In certain circumstances, this dosha can even get cancelled. Moreover, there are many remedies you can undertake to get relief from the negative effects of the Kemadruma Dosha.