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Pitra Dosha: Symptoms, Effects, Remedies & More!

Men offering Tarpan during Pitru Paksha Rituals marking bhadra month

Are you suffering from losses in business at an old age? Have you lost or were robbed of gold ornaments? Are your kids facing health issues regularly? Are you not able to give a successful interview? Not able to get the proper result of hard work? Are you not able to save for your future? A prolonged disease is passing in the family? If these are the problems which disturb you, then you might suffer from Pitra Dosh.

Pitru Dosha Meaning

Pitru dosha is the dosha or suffering that occurs due to the wrongdoings of our ancestors. The offsprings have to suffer for the doings of our grandfathers and forefathers. The Pitra Dosha manifests itself when the Sun, Moon or Rahu are in the ninth house in a birth chart. The ninth house is seen as the house of the father, forefathers and ancestors. So if the malefic planet is in the ninth house that means there is some kind of debt that was taken by our ancestors in terms of money and wasn’t returned. And it is now the duty of this generation to either complete it or suffer from it.

Brahmin organising Pitra Puja
Pitra Dosh Shanti Puja

Types Of Pitra Dosha

This can be of many types, let’s talk about the three most common ones here.

First one is the dosh that occurs when the departed souls curse their own family because they have not done their yearly ancestral duties wholeheartedly. Some basic requirements were not fulfilled.

Second is the dosh that occurs when an outsider curses the ancestors and the curse continues in the family

The third is when you cannot take care of the old members for your family and leave them on their own without giving them food and water.

Pitra Dosha Effects

The effects of this Doshha are :

1) There will be lungs and nerve injury whenever a member of the family gets into an accident.

2) Joblessness in the family

3) Existence of long term disease in the family

4) Repeated miscarriages in the family

5) Teeth and gums of children are weak

6) There would be an incessant delay in marriages

7) Some grievous health or mental issue in the child

8) Breaking of relationships

Pitra Dosh remedy
Pita Dosha Shanti Puja

9) Poverty would always create problems in the family

10) Even amenities for a basic living would be scarce

11) Restlessness, confrontations, and disagreements would be a regular scene in the family

12) A huge debt would become to be fulfilled even after the best efforts

13) Family members would get nightmares of snakes.

 Pitra Dosha Remedies

Brahmins being served during Pita puja
Brahmin Bhoj for relief from Pitra Dosha

If there are many ill effects of the curse of ancestors, there are also ways to correct these faults. The best remedy is to offer food and water to brahmins during the period of 15 days of Shradh. During this time, the souls of our ancestors are free to visit the Shradh ceremonies being performed by their children. Besides, brahmins should also be fed on the death anniversary of the departed soul. On these days, most preferably family members should try to prepare a meal that was coveted by the departed soul. There are many other remedies to get relief from this dosha. These are:

  1. Food should be offered to the ancestors on the 15 days of Shradh in the month of Pitra Paksha and on  Amavayasas.
  2.  Feed balls of rice to cows
  3.  Pray to Lord Vishnu 
  4. Fulfil the desires and complete the incomplete tasks of the ancestors
  5. Donate ingredients for preparations of a one-time meal and some money to a brahmin on every Amavasya. You can donate items like whole wheat flour, vegetables (except onion and garlic), ghee, sugar, salt, and spices.
  6. Take out clothes for your ancestors during any important function in the family.
  7. Always start any function with the blessings of your ancestors and parents.

Other Remedies

  1. Take their names and pray to them for safety and good luck before undertaking any project.
  2. Feed crows and ants during Amavasya.
  3. If you are not able to cook a meal during the 15 days of Shradh, you can donate snacks and a packet of milk to the needy in the name of your ancestors.
  4. Light a lamp in front of their photos on Amavasya.
  5. Place photos of your ancestors in the southern direction and always pray to them in that direction.
  6. Offer water to a Banyan tree every day. If that is not possible then at least do this ritual every Sunday.
  7. Light a lamp under a Banyan tree on every Saturday.
Puja offerings
Pitra Dosha puja offerings to get relief from curse due to wrongdoing by ancestors

Pitra Dosh Puja

This puja can be performed on Amavasya or in the Pitra Paksha. Gaya is considered to be the most auspicious destination for this puja. If you do not have enough finance to support a big puja, you can even do the puja with only fruits and flowers. And if there is no fruit and flower, then you can offer only water. 

One who performs this pooja gets a lot of blessings from ancestors. Even God does not accept prayers at this time. They say that first worship your ancestors and take their blessings.

The puja starts with name and gotra of the person inflicted by Pitra Dosha. He offers balls of steamed rice and water to the pundit. Then he must offer clothes for the ancestors to the brahmin.

Puja takes an hour or two. In the end, brahmin blesses you, the way ancestors would do.

Pitru Dosh

Hope you will follow the remedies and get rid of Pitra Dosha.