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Mangal Dosha: Features, Effects, Remedies and More!


Are you waiting for the right marriage proposal and it is still nowhere in the vicinity? Every time you meet a new marriage prospect, you feel that there is something missing? Are you facing a lot of troubles in your married life? Are you not happy in your marriage? If you are such issues than you might be under the influence of Mangal Dosha.  You must read this article to know more about Mangal Dosha.

 Mangal Graha

Mangal or Mars is the son of Mother Earth according to Vedic mythology. It is a hot and red planet. According to Vedic astrology, it has red eyes with thin features. The planet is ruled by energy, passion, and aggression. It is also referred to as Commander-in-Chief of the celestial army.  

Mangal Dosha on different Sunsigns
Mangal Dosha and Sunsigns

Mangal in Kundali

If Mangal is in the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th or 12th house of a Kundali or birth chart, it signifies that the person is Manglik. The person may or may not have the Mangal Dosh. Mangal dosha happens when:- One, the eyes of malefic planets like Saturn, Rahu or Ketu are on the Mangal planet in any of these mentioned six houses. Second, when Saturn, Rahu or Ketu is existing with Mangal in any of these houses in a malefic position. Third, Mangal is in a descendant position in the horoscope in these houses. It will have dangerous effects in this situation. 

Mangal Dosha Chart
Chart with Mangal Dosha

Therefore, being a Manglik and suffering from Mangal dosha is different. A Manglik might have Mangal dosha but a person under Mangal dosha is always Manglik.

Mangal Dosha Effects

The effects of Mangal dosha are mainly seen on marriage. Either it becomes difficult to get into a marital relationship or, if it establishes, then it becomes difficult to make it a happy and longstanding one. The point is, if you have a disturbed mangal or mars, it will make you aggressive, intolerant, unstable and fickle-minded. These traits can never lead to a happy relationship.  Let’s see how mangal dosha can affect you.

Marriage and Mangal Dosha
Mangal Dosha Effects Marriages In A Big Way
  1. It creates roadblocks in marriage.
  2. Relationships break 
  3. There will be no marriage proposals for the person
  4. If a proposal comes, then it will not get a positive response
  5. Couples will not respect each other
  6. Couples will not be blessed with a child for a long period
  7. Fights would be frequent and may lead to divorce
  8. Accidents might take place
  9. Chance of any sort of blood-related disease is high
  10. You might get involved in a fraud or scandal
  11.  Children will not respect parents
  12. Unstable and unhappy marriage

Mangal Dosha Remedies

If there are so many evil effects of mangal, there are some remedies to reduce these effects. Although, they might not prove to be a 100% cure. Mangal planet is a very strong planet and it is next to impossible to neutralize it completely. Though, praying to Lord Shiva and Parvati, the epitome of happy marriage and Lord Hanuman, the destroyer of evil, would surely minimize the intentions of Mangal in your birth chart. Some of the common and uncommon remedies mentioned by different astrologers are:

prayers to Lord Shiva for Mangal Dosha cure
Praying to Lord Shiva and Hanuman to get relief from Mangal Dosha
  1. Daily puja of Mangal Yantra
  2. Ladies should chant Parvati Mangal Strota everyday
  3. Ladies keep fast for 16 Mondays for Lord Shiva
  4. Offer water and unboiled milk to Lord Shiva on Mondays
  5. Ladies can read Hanuman Chalisa
  6. Females should light ghee lamp in front of the Tulsi plant every evening
  7. Females should go to a Hanuman temple in  red on Tuesdays
  8. Chant ‘Jai Shree Ram’ or ‘Hare Ram’
  9. Take care of and serve saints, monkeys, and mother
  10. Donate bricks on Tuesdays
  11. In a clay pot put five bricks and bury it in the mud at a place where no one can find it
  12. Put honey in a glass of water and offer it to the sun every morning
  13. Married couples should offer sweet Batasha wrapped in a red cloth to Hanuman on Tuesdays.
  14. Must chant Mangal Strotra and mantra

Mangal Stotra

Mangal Strotra is very beneficial when it comes to reducing the malefic effects of mars or mangal. It will help you to keep your mind calm and improve its productivity. It will re-energize you towards work and develop your power to work and earn successfully. The most fruitful way of doing the Strotram is to chant mangal mantra 108 times before reading the Strotram. 

Here, given are two verses of the strotra-

Mangalo bhoomi puthrascha runahartha dana pradha,

Sthirasanomaha kaya sarva karma virodhaka.   ||1||

Lohitho, lohithakshascha Samagaanam krupakara,

Dharathmaja kujo, bhoumo, bhoothidho, bhoominandana.  ||2||

Mangal Mantra

You can follow some mangal mantras given here.

 “Om Angarakaya Namah”.

“Om kraam kreem kroum sah mangalaay namah”.