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Effects Of Planets In Different Houses In Vedic Astrology

positioning of planets in their own house has an advantage

The traditional Hindu Astrology is popularly known as Jyotisha or Jyotishya. But, in recent times, it’s commonly called Vedic Astrology. It’s an ancient concept playing an important role in our lives including the past, the present and also the future.

Vedic Astrology Chart
Vedic Astrology Chart

Importance of Vedic Astrology

It’s truly fascinating to know the impact planetary bodies have on various aspects of our lives. You get a detailed view of your life and all its aspects. Vedic Astrology is the driving force of your life and is a direct reflection of your inner and outer self. So, it’s also called ‘the eye of the Vedas.’

The negative aspects can be worked upon to ward off the ill-effects of the planetary positions at birth. The Effects Of Planets In Different Houses In Vedic Astrology form the basis for the study of the native and corrective actions to be taken therein.

Vedic Astrology – A Study

A study on the Effects Of Planets In Different Houses In Vedic Astrology lays the foundation to understand a person. It also helps strike better relationships and make reliable adjustments to several aspects of life.

Different Houses in Vedic Astrology
Houses in Vedic Astrology

Different Houses and Their Significance in Vedic Astrology

The First House

It’s the most important house and is also the house of the self. Popularly called the ascendant, it signifies the personality and the physical features of the individual. The native’s vigour and vitality are also determined by this house. It represents the first sign of the Zodiac, Aires or Mesha.

The Second House

This is the house of wealth, fortune, power and other achievements. The house represents an individual’s capacity to generate wealth. This house also deals with the quality of relationships of the individual. Yet another important aspect is the native’s ability to express him/herself. The house refers to Taurus or Vrishaba, the second sign of the Zodiac.

The Third House

This house is all about courage with the ability to achieve success. It represents all types of communication the native undertakes including traveling. The house is also about the relationship with siblings, cousins and neighbours. It belongs to the third sign of the Zodiac, Gemini or Mithuna.

The Fourth House

This house is clearly about the individual’s home and all domestic affairs. It signifies the native’s ability to acquire tangible assets. It’s also known as the womb and relates to private affairs and secrets. The house also reflects the education and qualifications. It refers to Cancer sun sign or Karkat.

The Fifth House

The house rules a person’s creativity, the ability to have children and talents. This house depicts the tastes and pleasures an individual enjoys. It also signifies the quality of love affairs and the attraction between opposite sexes. It refers to the Zodiac Lero or Simha.

The Sixth House

The house rules an individual’s health, possible diseases and diet habits. It shows the state of the health condition and the recovery time needed. This house also represents the work life of the individual. It also rules personal hygiene and clothing. It’s present in Virgo sign or Kanya.

Planetary Domiciles
Planetary Domiciles

The Seventh House

This house is all about the quality of relationship in marriage and partnerships. It’s also about the leaga bondage a person shares with others and their interactions. The house refers to the sun sign Libra or Tula.

The Eighth House

It’s the house determining the individual’s longevity and inheritance. It represents the type of death the individual will face. It also includes the legalities, taxes, insurance and others. The house is also about misfortune, obstruction and their ill-effects. It’s in the Scorpio sun sign or Vrischika.

The Ninth House

It’s about fate and fortune including faith, worship and wisdom. It also signifies long journeys and traveling overseas. It refers to Sagittarius or Dhanush.

The Tenth House

It’s purely a house of profession. It relates to everything that affects the native’s name, honour and recognition. It clearly depicts worldly achievements. The house refers to Capricorn or Makara.

The Eleventh House

It rules a person’s social circle and its quality. The house depicts a person’s wishes and fulfilment of aspirations. It also signifies the possibility of income through unconventional activities. It refers to Aquarius or Kumbha.

The Twelfth House

Expenses and losses are the significance of this house. It also represents whether the expenses and losses are expected or not. It deals with confinement, imprisonment and other forms of suffering. This house refers to Pisces or Meena.

A Detailed Vedic Chart Description
Vedic Chart Description


The Effects Of Planets In Different Houses In Vedic Astrology is a medium to get rid of mishaps planetary positions cause. It’s a prediction of the pleasant and unpleasant effects on your life.