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Vedic Astrology – Ascendant, 1st House, Lagna

Zodiac Jothishi
Zodiac First House

The 12 houses in Vedic astrology are equally significant as the 12 different signs of the zodiac. They impact the growth and development patterns of an individual person in a variety of ways. So as per Vedic astrology, human beings can be divided in 144 basic categories based on their house and the planets. Astrology assesses the impact of each planet and the house in which it is to map the course of life through various situations that one will face.

The first house in Vedic astrology is termed as the ascendant and it begins the zodiac, impacting the fundamental aspects of a person in multiple ways. It is represented by the degree of the sign that was rising on the eastern horizon at the moment of birth in a particular place. It is also termed as the House of Self and marks the beginning of a person’s journey and the circumstances of his or her early life. The overall significance of the first house extends into influencing the true potential of a person and also determines the unique features that will help each individual through life.

Aspects of the first house

First House in Vedic AStrology
First House in Jothish

The first house is the most significant house for any person. It is associated with the zodiac sign Aries and being the commencer of a new beginning of life, it is signified by the energetic planet Mars. The first house affects all the areas of life that relate us with the physical world.

These include the physical and energy structure of the body, health, personality and instincts. It determines the outer projection of an individual and how the rest of the world perceives him or her. The first house also plays a significant role in determining the overall life span of a person.

The first house is termed as the house of the body as it influences the physical features in a major manner. These include the detailed aspects of a person’s appearance, like the skin and hair colour, height, weight and the overall appearance. In terms of inner qualities, it determines the mental strength and confidence, self-esteem, integrity and the fundamental aspects of the ego.

It also plays an important role in the childhood and upbringing of the person and determines the outlook that an individual develops towards life. It affects the outer and inner states of an individual and governs the quality of life in terms of comforts and hardships. It is also a connection between the various layers of karma that an individual carries and works out through a lifetime. It can be said that the first house determines the entire package that an individual presents to the outer world.

The tendencies of 1st House

Zodiac and First House
Zodiac and 1st House

The first house also determines the tendencies that a person is guided by while moving through life.

The temperament, patience, perseverance, self-control, peace of mind and susceptibility to diseases are the important characteristics determined by the first house.

Name, fame, parental influence and journeys in pursuit of the objectives through life are some other additional aspects that are influenced by the first house. In fact, it is the main thread that is used to weave together the various facets of the life of an individual.

The courage and determination of an individual to overcome obstacles and move ahead depends on the first house. The characteristics of the house also determines whether a person will stay in his native place or move ahead in some other location in course of life. For a successful life, a strong first house is very essential as it helps one to overcome the obstacles in life. On the other hand, a weak first house will adversely affect the potential of a person.

1st house interrelations

The planet that rules the sign in which the ascendant is present, impacts the energy and potential of every individual. The positive aspects rendered by a planet can be from positive karmic effects or from the good effects of the family tree. The planets can also bring about various challenging situations through the first house but it is best not to consider them in a negative sense. Overcoming each challenge can bring about a new surge of energy and confidence in the mind and body, allowing individuals to evolve in life.

The situation can also become dynamic if a house changes zodiac sign or some planets appear in it in a later stage. This may result in the change of the outer appearance or mental qualities, several times during the lifetime. This may happen if the house is split between two zodiac signs while being influenced by a planet. In addition, the inter-house relationships also contribute a lot in the charting of a person’s life. The first house has the following relation with the other houses.

  • Opposition 180° 7th House
  • Trine 120° 5th House, 9th House
  • Square 90° 4th House, 10th House
  • Sextile 60°3rd House, 11th House

The direct opposition with the seventh house denotes an inherent selfishness with regard to partnerships. It also trines with the fifth and the ninth house which is about leisure and travel. This indicates that these fields of life are an important part of the person’s identity. The fourth house represents home and family and the tenth house indicates career.

A square with these houses indicate a partial conflict in these arenas of life which can be resolved without sacrificing one for the other. The third and eleventh house indicates the peer circle and social environment respectively. The sextile with these houses indicates a favourable position with friends and a positive social image.

With all its influences, the first house is about the inner and outer potentials that allow each person to embrace life to the fullest.

Lagna, Ascendant or first house in Vedic Astrology