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Vedic Astrology – House 11, Labha Bhava

Image of Gains 11th Bhava
11th house of Fullfillment of desires, gains
11th Bhava of Fulfillment of Desires and connections

The 11th House in Vedic Astrology stands for human connections, particularly friends and for all kinds of desires or gains. Many opine that this is the house of dreams and wishes; the place where the greatest and highest aspirations come true.

This house stands for the greatest gains, where there will be abundance of material gains. Greater amounts of financial gains are obtained in this house in the form of inheritance or lottery win. Not only financial but political status gain is also indicated by this house.

Along with the 11th house, the 3rd and the 7th house are also included in the houses of Kama or desire. These three houses are regarded as the triangle of materiality. Considered as the strongest house of desire, material satisfaction of various measures is assured.

Kama Trikona and the 11th House of Gains
Kama Trikona – 3rd, 7th and 11th Houses

Along with being the house of desire, this house also stands for social interactions and friendship.  It reflects the nature of friends you might have. They can either be helpful or they can be draining in nature.

The 11th house also shows as to how one can connect with the society and the kinds of social interactions that one might have. With good friends in your life, you can connect to them and share things with them comfortably. Affluence and power is also reflected in many places.

Affluent people can get exposure in the society when their stars and planets are in the 11th house. Interestingly, the 11th house also stands for organization form up with a common goal and you are an integral part of the same.

The common goal or interest of the organization might involve some humanitarian purposes. This is the reason in many places, the 11th house is also known as the house of the future of humanity.

Different aspects of the 11th house

11th house of fulfillment of desires
11th house of fulfillment of Desires

There are different aspects which are closely associated with the 11th house. It is through the effects of this house that all kinds of accumulation of the incoming wealth of a person is taken care of.

The earning might take place in different ways. Some people are likely to earn with their incessant efforts and this is indicated by the lagna. This house indicates the strong aspect of self-acquisition. In such cases, the earnings might come from some agency, from short writings or from a close family member like a younger brother, etc.

Eleventh house in Vedic Astrology – Bhagya Bhava

If money or wealth is received from any mother figure, immovable property/treasure or from vehicles – they are indications of the fourth house. Again fifth house indications are towards gains from sports, lottery, speculations and amusement interests in the form of theater, cinema etc.

The sixth house indicates income through pet animals, service or through borrowings. When income comes from litigation, husband/wife or from business partnerships, the indications are towards seventh house. Financial gains that are controlled by the eight houses include the likes of provident funds, insurance, wills, legacies and so on.

Monetary benefits can be gained from father, by contact with strangers, from foreign collaborations, or from some kind of research. These aspects are affected upon by the ninth house. The tenth house has indications of income from inheritance, profession, business or simply from withdrawing money from the any financial institution like a bank.

When the first ten houses are put together, they indicate towards different sources of earnings of a person. Now, the twelfth house represents all the investments, expenses and withdrawal of money from the bank.

The balance of the income/earning (first to ten houses) and expenses (twelfth house) is reflected in the eleventh house of the horoscope.

11th house of SPiritual fulfillment
11th house of Spiritual fulfillment

Along with the aspect of finance, there are other aspects which are controlled by the 11th house and those are that of pleasure, prosperity, progress made in any kind of work that has been undertaken as well as peace once the aspirations are realized. Permanent bond of friendship is also reflected through this house.

The desire for reunions and get-together with friends is indicated by this house. Generally the aspects of this house should be investigated and studied for understanding the kind of emotional attachments that a person might have.

Basically the 11th house will show how a person will fare in his socio-economic life. His success will depend on the way he handles his financial as well as social responsibilities. The person will be more inclined towards societal and group advantages rather than seeing his individual personal ambitions and goals.

Unconventional and reformative activities are also indicated by this particular house. Another important aspect that is covered by people in the 11th house is looking after the brother and sister in the family.

11th house and the effects of planets

11th house of net gains - material and spiritual
11th house of net gains – material and spiritual
  • Sun – It represents an abundance of enthusiasm and ambition for all kinds of worldly goals and the strong urge of achieving them.
  • Moon – Harmonious aspects are received. Chances of making steady friends are quite rare with the planet in the 11th house.
  • Jupiter – Social, financial and political success of a person is guaranteed. Friendship is also a positive aspect of this planet.
  • Saturn – This planet in the 11th house indicates respectful occupation of the person and attraction of serious and responsible friends.
  • Mercury – It helps in drawing acquaintances in scientific and literary minded people. However, steadfastness in the friendship is under the scanner.
  • Venus – Helps in portraying friendship with people of the opposite sex. Friends are artistic, sympathetic and humane.
  • Mars – When Mars is placed in the 11th house, the person might have friends from martial or athletic class.

This is a generalized view of the 11th house in Vedic astrology. Aspects might vary from one individual to another.