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Vedic Astrology – House 3, Sahaja Bhava

Image of Hand as Third House

The Third House in Vedic Astrology collectively represents communication, expression and sibling love. The 3rd house majorly rules younger sisters and brothers, interests, artistic inclinations, mental health, all sorts of communication such as spoken, written, media, TV, radio, post and even social media.

The 3rd house also stands for courage, valor, intellect and our mental processes. The 3rd house, not just rules spoken communication but also talks about mental forms of communication like telepathy. It also represents how we use our intelligence to adjust to our surroundings in the best possible way.

Characteristics of the 3rd house

Communication in Vedic Culture denoted by Third House

In astrology, the 3rd house is not given a lot of importance. In fact, it is generally skimmed over while birth reading. But the truth is that the 3rd is very profound because that is where the natives find courage. It is the house of desire where the native exerts his sexual feelings as well as exert his prowess when he fights with his siblings.

The 3rd house helps natives to form their personal integrity, ego, strength, and personality. It gives the courage to go forward in the world and make a place. The third house is ruled by Mars which signifies courage, adventure, and siblings. With sibling rivalry, the natives learn to develop their personality and ego which helps them create their individuality. It also tests the native’s courage to fight against the odds in life and achieve what he desires.

Third house in Vedic Astrology

The 3rd has one more important component – Mercury. Mercury helps the natives express themselves in the world and create their own niche through art, dance and any other form of communication.

The body parts governed by the 3rd house are collar bones, shoulder blades, nervous system, arms, hands, lungs, throat and right ear. It also represents resistance to change and a need for peace.

Profession associated with the 3rd house

Teaching Denoted by Third House

The third house influences professions like:

Messenger, mediator, TV, telecommunicator, bus, rail, post offices, cycle, radio reports, broker, publicity officer, writer, athlete, journalist, librarian, publisher, transport and tourism, information technology, internet and so on.

Effects of planets in the 3rd house

  1. The Sun
Planets in Jothish
Planetory System in Jothish

The Sun in the 3rd house focuses on personal interests, sports, self-will, and competition. With Sun the third house, the native may have a problem with authority and face problems with father, boss or government. There is a lot of ego and the native will suffer the consequences of his actions. The Sun also makes the native highly skilled and self-educated.

  1. The Moon
Moon Chandra
Moon Chandra in 3rd House

The presence of the Moon in the 3rd house brings a lot of emotional attachment to one’s desires. The natives experience a restless and stimulated the emotional mind. On top of that, they have a lot of friends and a variety of changing interests.

  1. Mars

When the 3rd house has Mars, it brings courage, vitality, and strength to pursue the interests with passion. The native experiences rivalry with siblings, peers, and others. The native loves sports and competition which is evidently seen in his ruthless behavior and self-growth.

  1. Mercury

3rd house is all about communication. And Mercury represents a definitive lean towards writing, languages, and communication. The native with Mercury in the third house has powerful correspondence skills, high level of intelligence and hesitance towards change. The native tends to be very cooperative with peers.

  1. Jupiter
Jupiter Guru

Presence of Jupiter in the 3rd house makes a leader. The native is intelligent and has a deeper understanding of things in life. He likes to unveil the deeper questions of life and answer them. The native has a searching and philosophical nature but is restless at the same time. He may be seen arguing about religion and philosophy from time to time.

  1. Venus
Venus in 3rd House

Having Venus in 3rd house shows attraction towards art, creativity, beauty, and relations. Such natives do not like competition and may get overwhelmed when faced by a tough one. They cannot understand when to compromise and when to hold their ground. This confusion may make them unable to fight for themselves when needed.

  1. Saturn
Shani or Saturn
Saturn or Shani in 3rd House

Saturn in 3rd house makes the native traditional and conservative. He may be practical but is resistant to change. He will take a lot of time adjusting to the changing circumstances. He may also lack courage, fear conflicts, embarrassment and make friends older than him.

  1. Rahu

Rahu in the third house gives high intelligence but also makes the native over-confident. He will gain knowledge through experimentation and will often challenge teacher and such other authorities. The biggest drawback is the natives will fight on the basis of information that has not been verified. They may also embarrass themselves if they consider their information as wisdom.

  1. Ketu

In the 3rd house, planet Ketu makes the native very intelligent and will possess a mastery of the skills and information. But at the same time, he will not be confident upon these skills, he will always doubt himself. Instead, he will seek a teacher who will take him beyond his own powers and personal interests.

Negative characteristics of the 3rd house

The third house does give courage but it is very limited. The third house has no grace or desire to increase wisdom. The house gives the natives just enough wisdom to fulfill their current desires. Also, the third house is the most egotistical. Human ego lets them fight for themselves and protect themselves in tough situations. The third house gives the courage to the natives to move along with the world and figure out the solutions to the worldly problems. It makes the natives independent and confident, but at the same time, there is enough room for aggression, lust, and selfishness too.