Match Your Kundali


Basic Information
Day  Wednesday 
Colour  Green 
Direction  North 
Own sign  Gemini, Virgo
Friendly Planets  Venus, Sun, Rahu
Enemy Planet Moon
Neutral Planets Jupiter, Saturn, Mars
Features  Intelligence 
Stone  Emerald 
Body Parts Affected  Skin, Nervous system
Element  Earth 
Metal  Brass
Deity  Goddess Durga

Planet Mercury is the nearest planet to the Sun. its orbit lies between the Sun and mother Earth. It is a small planet with a small orbit as it is very close to the Sun. It has a year of 88 days and has no atmosphere. Since its rate of rotation and revolution is the same, only half of the planet faces the Sun and the other half is in absolute darkness and below freezing point.

Mercury in Vedic Astrology

Known as Budh in Hindu astrology, Mercury is considered very auspicious. But if placed in the 6th, 8th or 12th houses, it can be a maleficent planet too. Budh is all about communication and the natives are very good at communication. Budh is dual natured and governs 2 zodiac signs – Gemini and Virgo. When Budh is placed in houses 1, 4, 7 or 10, it proves to be very auspicious, gives intelligence and the person lives a long life.

Budh is the source of positive thoughts in natives. It is considered as the avatar of Vishnu and is worshipped on Wednesdays. Worshipping Budh brings wealth and happiness in one’s life, removes obstacles, helps one in fertility and also benefits in property transactions. Just like the Sun, it stays in each Rashi for one month. 


Mercury or Budh was born out of the association of the Moon with the wife of Brihaspati, Tara. As per the mythological story, Moon abducted Tara and took refuge in the ashram of Asuras. When all the Gods appealed to him, Moon realized his mistake and returned Tara to Brihaspati with remorse. Tara was carrying Moon’s child which was duly delivered. After the birth of a beautiful child, Tara revealed the truth about its paternity to Brihaspati and he accepted the inevitable in line with his forgiving nature.

In Greek mythology, the planet of Mercury has a different origin. Here Mercury is considered the son of Jupiter and Maia, the daughter of Atlas. Mercury is also considered a friend of Apollo. It is the God of Commerce and exhibits dual-mindedness and lack of concentration in the native.

Characteristics of Budh

Budh Mercury

Lord Mercury has a green body and is dressed in green. He has four hands with a sword, a book and a shield in his hands. He is seated on a lion with a trunk of an elephant and the precious emerald adorns his crown. 

Mercury symbolizes speech and communication. It also rules organizing and maintenance, sustainable thinking and gaining knowledge. 

Strong Mercury

Mercury Budh

Strong Mercury means the planet is placed in the most favorable sign. A highly beneficial Budh confers to strong communication and extraordinary oratory skills. Thus the natives are able to convey their messages impressively. A strong Mercury also makes a native intelligent, analytical and ingenious. It also gives reproductive abilities.

Beneficial Mercury

Budha Mercury

A beneficial Budh gives the native intellect, excellent disputant, political brain, great logic, sharp and witty mind, and high ambition.

Weak Mercury


Weak mercury is not good for a native. Afflicted Budh gives intellect but with negativity. The native is clever but in a cunning and mischievous way. The native will always be against whom he does not like. He may also fall for gambling, lying and cheating. The native will also be a very moody person.

Budh and Zodiac Signs

Here is what your Budh means for you:

  • Aries (1st house)

A native with Budh in his 1st house tends to be impulsive and speaks without thinking. He’s a quick thinker, prefers bite-sized ideas, is an independent thinker and lives at the moment. He’s fearless, likes to win, enjoys new trends; but has short interest span. He loves challenges and likes to dominate conversations. At the same time, he can also be egotistical. 

  • Taurus (2nd house)

A native with Budh in his second house is a common sense person. He likes working in a predictable, secure environment and trusts only those ideas that are time tested. He does not like to be experimental or talk about his feelings and is a ‘need to see it to believe it’ kind of person. Achieving small tasks also makes him feel productive and he likes to have a clear plan of action. His systematic attitude means he’s resistant to change and cannot adapt to new ideas. He does not like to diverge from routine or plans. The best way he can process information is through step-by-step instructions. 

  • Gemini (3rd house)

In the third house or Gemini, Mercury is in its “home” sign. The native is a quick thinker and talker, can process the information, articles or books in speed. He needs a lot of variety, gets bored easily, asks ‘why’ about everything, is an animated speaker, likes to exaggerate stories, is heavily dependent on interactive media for information, is great at small talk, has a lack of patience but could be a great teacher or trainer.

  • Cancer (4th house) 

A native with Budh in his 4th house are very sensitive and take everything personally. Their emotional intelligence or E.Q. is very high and they worry constantly about security. The native is like a nurturer, is very self-conscious, treats feelings like their facts, shows a lot of interest in other people’s desires and motives, can bottle up resentment, expects people to just know about his feelings, needs constant comfort and does not trust anyone easily. he also tends to lean heavily on family and is resistant to change. 

  • Leo (5th house)

A native with Budh in his 5th house is creative and loves bold ideas. He loves challenges has a strong sense of color, is very loud, needs undivided attention, craves the spotlight, has a gift of great storytelling, is fiercely protective, courageous, motivating, supportive, has a flair of expressing and loves a lot of drama. 

  • Virgo (6th house)

Just like Gemini, Budh is in its ‘home’ sign in Virgo. Here the native is a systematic thinker, likes to plan ahead and schedule everything, likes to know how everything works, is technical and likes to be the Master of every technique. He’s a perfectionist, has a critical eye, notices every flaw and error and wants to know the reason behind it. He’s super focused, craves order, loves the detail and has a soft spot for animals. 

  • Libra (7th house)

A native with Budh in his 7th house is diplomatic, gracious, does not like conflicts or arguments, changes mind all the time, is indecisive and has a tendency to overschedule. He likes to please everyone, looks for common victory, can be influenced by other people easily, is a sensible person and craves support. 

  • Scorpio (8th house)

Mercury in Scorpio makes a native productive who does not like to do anything halfway. He has a high level of concentration, loves solving problems and puzzles, enjoys working behind the scene, has an inner need to feel powerful, comes up with transformational ideas, wants to know the hidden hierarchy of everything, and sometimes can be too deep for people. The native also tends to be super sensitive, absorbs people’s moods and vibes easily, is drawn by mystical topics, can easily pick up on other people’s body language, is very intuitive, and has a fascination for psychology. 

  • Sagittarius (9th house)

Here the native has big, bold ideas, can take risks, enjoys multi-tasking, is independent, has hard time concentrating, loves learning new languages, has grand ideals, gets excited easily, exaggerates wildly, is funny, can get along with diverse groups, is tactless, a motivational speaker, loves reading and a good entrepreneur.

  • Capricorn (10th house)

A native with Budh in 10th house is a clear-minded person, gets to the point fast, processes emotions in a linear way, is interested in traditions, is obsessively ambitious, even thinks like a leader, loves responsibility, dislikes distractions, can be harsh at times, prefers to work alone, often plays the role of a provider, enjoys speaking like a wiser person and is obsessed with hierarchy. 

  • Aquarius (11th house)

Here the native tends to be witty, entertaining, social, friendly, a great team player, spontaneous, open-minded, out of the box thinker, a people pleaser, politician and loves technology. 

  • Pisces (12th house)

Here, the native tends to get absorbed in his own thoughts, treats feelings as facts, communicates in a linear way, is abstract, dreamy, creative, rebel, and of helpful nature. The native gets absorbed in other peoples’ energy and emotions and often ends up feeling helpless and overwhelmed. He needs a lot of support and reassurance through the emotional upheavals he experiences. 


  • Publicity official
  • Insurance agent
  • Salesman
  • Orator
  • Lawyer
  • Journalism
  • Teacher
Budh Zodiac
Budh Mercury

Natives with weak Budh suffer from diseases like a nervous breakdown, skin diseases, impotence, insomnia, speech defects, lack of concentration, blood pressure, and sugar. They should worship Mercury on Wednesdays to remove the obstacles from their lives.