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Shankha Yoga

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Shankha Yoga

Raja Yogas are auspicious for obtaining success in all spheres of life, financial prosperity and general fame. Different Raja yogas take place as a result of conjunction of two planets, depending on the lordship potential, natural significance to vedic astrology and the strength of both the planets in sign. Of all Raja Yogas, the Shankha yoga is said to be astrologically unique and almost uncommon. The yoga occurs when the lords of the fifth and the sixth houses from the ascendant lagna take place in mutual kendra, and in a powerful manner. People born with this yoga in their birth charts are less materialistic than most other Raja yogas. Such persons are righteous personalities, inclined into humanitarian activities, scientific pursuits and are blessed both in their professional and personal lives.

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Sankha Yoga


Being formed when the lord of the ascendant is strong, the Shankh yoga brings about a strong impact. Financially the person suddenly gain position, and his success multiplies in all his efforts and endeavours. Astrologically, this yoga is conditional and conditioned by planetary positions, and the occurrence is generally rare. It can be also malefic, and not always positive. Combination of two malefic and not benefic planets can powerfully negate a person’s life. This yoga is also not always forming, and hence many raashis do not get this combination, such as the Virgo sign.

The Shankha yoga is said to be greatly beneficial for those who are influenced by it. Health flourishes and lifespan is quite vast. People with this yoga are calm by nature and they can focus their minds, bodies and energy into what they do and believe in.