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Vosi Raja yoga

Image of Raja Yoga

Vosi Yoga is a type of Solar yoga or Sun yoga. It is created when a planet excluding Rahu, Ketu or Moon represents the 12th House from the planet Sun. Since this yoga is related to the morning star planet, it dominates the first impression of its natives. In simple words, whatever impression is created by an individual during the first glimpse is ruled by this Raja yoga. 

Result of this Rajayoga:-

Vosi yoga indicates that its native will be engaged in charitable activities and would be highly skilful. Also, its native will be blessed with exceptional oratory skills and will be spiritually inclined. He will enjoy fame, prosperity and a great memory. This yoga also indicates that its native will be genuine and will be blessed with a strong physique. Generally, the formation of Vosi Yoga is known to impart positive results. Vosi yoga also creates a massive amount of impact on native’s first impression. 

Generally, natives who belong to this yoga are competent in creating a positive influence in their first impressions. If Vosi yoga’s benefices are debilitated in the navamsa, an imbalanced mental state may be the outcome. This will further lead to creating a negative impact regarding one’s competency to achieve the desired results in one’s life. Also, if this yoga is influenced by malefic, its native may turn cruel and may experience weak eyesight. 

Effect of diverse planets:-

  • If the Planet Venus forms a Vosi yoga in the 12th house from the planet Sun, its native will be virtuous, spontaneousness, diplomatic, charming, caring, respectful, gracious enough to impress others. 
  • If Jupiter is causing this yoga, its native will be strong, intelligent and would possess wisdom. 
  • If this yoga is caused by Mercury, its native will come across as an obedient, beautiful and someone who is blessed with a melodious tone of speech. 

An exemplary of this raja yoga exists in Chiranjeevi horoscope:-

Chiranjeevi is a superstar from the South Movie Industry. The complete name of Chiranjeevi is Konidela Siva Sankara Vara Prasad. He made a switch to Politics and was in charge of the Tourism Ministry. In his horoscope, Vosi yoga is caused by the planet Jupiter. This has enabled Chiranjeevi to be skilful and learned in addition to developing his inclination towards various charitable activities. Also, this raja yoga helps its native to enjoy proximity to the authorities with the ruling power. No wonder, why he tried his luck in the politics and ended up in tasting a sweet taste of success in it.