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Raja Yoga

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The word ‘Raja” means a king and the term ‘Yoga” signifies union. The presence of Raja Yoga in the horoscope can provide the person with the fortune of a king. All Yogas are created by the arrangement of the planets in a specific manner and Raja Yoga is manifested when the exalted planets are present in the central house or triangle of the horoscope. This Yoga can come in the life of a businessman, politician, actor or a sportsman. This yoga creates favourable conditions for a person to excel in life.


It must be noted that the presence of this Yoga does not guarantee the life of a king. Its best effects are observed when there are favourable conditions within the two planets that create this Yoga. If the central triangle of houses have the effects of Jupiter or Venus, then Raja Yoga is observed in its full potency. There are also other factors involved which can negative affect the Yoga which includes the effects of the Moon. It is necessary that both the planets and the houses involved in the formation of this Yoga should not be afflicted in any manner.

Celebrity Profile

Ratan Tata and other directors of Tata Sons will need to appear before the court on 25 March 2019. Photo: Mint

Famous individuals like Ratan Tata and Amitabh Bachchan have Raja Yoga marked in their horoscope. Another good example of an individual with this Yoga in his horoscope will be the prime minister of India, Narendra Modi. The 5th house lord Jupiter and 4th house lord Saturn in his horoscope provide the right combination in the central triangle, creating Raja Yoga. This results in strength and progress in his profession, along with fame and reputation. Raja Yoga also has other forms and one of them, termed as “Neechbhang Raja Yoga”, is also established in the horoscope of Narendra Modi.

When it comes to the astrological signs, this Yoga gives the best results for the Virgo and the Pisces. It works very well for the signs of Taurus, Cancer, Sagittarius and Capricorn. There can be multiple Raja Yogas present in the horoscope of a person, providing various benefits in his life. This is a Yoga that allows a person to reap the best benefits from the various situations that life places before them.