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Chaamara Yoga

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Raja Yogas are auspicious for obtaining success in all spheres of life, financial prosperity and general fame. Different Raja yogas take place as a result of conjunction of two planets, depending on the lordship potential, natural significance to vedic astrology and the strength of both the planets in sign.

An auspicious Raja yoga, the Chamara Yoga is an insignia of royalty and means yak tail or chowrie. This planetary combination brings a person name, fame, riches, high social and official status, often with opportunities for administrative abilities and duties. The native chiefly possesses favourable conditions and strength. The origin of the word came from camara or fan made of yak tail which servers used to hold alongside kings and emperors, signifying extreme power, strength, wealth and royalty. The person is blessed by a royal or is a royal by birth or has royal connections, in general. He lives a long life, and is scholarly, eloquent, well read, knowledgeable and aware of his surroundings.


According to Parashara, Chamara yoga happens when Jupiter aspects the lord of the lagna and the auspicious bhavas are beneficially influenced by benefactor planetary position. Chamara yoga also arises for people born during day time on a Shukla paksha tithi. The basis of this formation is the strength of the house lagna. There are three versions of Chamara Yoga. First is when Jupiter combines with a benefactor planet, leading to the person becoming a well loved leader or king. The second version is when the lagna is not combust and is in auspicious bhava. The native ends up as intelligent, wealthy and respected. The third version is for people born on Shukla paksha. The person is considerably a lucky natural leader.