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Vipareeta Raja Yoga

Vipareeta Raja Yoga is one of the most perplexing raja yogas of Vedic Astrology. As the name suggests Vipareeta means contrary to or the opposite. Therefore, any result created out of any kind of planetary amalgamation afflicted by the evil bhavas (Houses) Lords, may find its way under Vipareeta’s yoga definition. In simple words, this yoga arises due to the weakness of the evil bhavas lords. This yoga makes its natives undergo sufferings, hardships, varied kind of losses and pain. 

Chart 2

Result of this Rajayoga:-

A weak retrograde planet will gain power due to Viapareeta yoga. Planets who get associated with the evil houses through placement, Aspect and Conjunction, lead to an enormous favorable outcome. Moreover, these outcomes are sudden, unexpected and beyond one’s imagination. Often, it has been observed that the natives with this raja yoga rise to heights after experiencing many struggles initially. 

Effect of diverse planets:-

There exist three main kinds of Vipareet Raja Yoga. They include Harsh Vipareet raja yoga, Saral Raja Yoga and Vimal Raja Yoga. 

Harsh Raja Yoga: – It is created when the 6th lord is placed in 6th house, 8th and 12th house. Its native enjoys wealth, fame, luxury and overall good fortune. 

 Saral Raja Yoga: – It is created when the 8th lord is placed in 6th house, 8th and 12th house. Its native is fearless, scholar and enjoys wealth and fame. 

Vimal Raja Yoga: – It is created when the 12th lord is placed in 6th house, 8th and 12th house. Its native enjoys a pious life and contributes towards mankind. 

An exemplary of this raja yoga exists in Salman Khan’s horoscope:-

Salman Khan is a superstar from the Bollywood Movie. However, his charming personality enables him to enjoy the attention of worldwide people. A strange kind of neurological disorder named Trigeminal Neuralgia kept troubling him until he underwent surgery. This acute pain as described by him was spontaneous and unbearable causing pain in his jaws, head and cheek. At one side he was struggling with this neck pain and at the other hand, he witnessed a narrow escape in criminal cases and is yet to be proved guilty. Also, his life often depicts two diverse situations. At one side, he enjoys success, recognition and fame. At another side, his name gets associated with controversy or criminal cases.