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Surya-Guru Raja Yoga

Surya-Guru Raja Yoga is one of the best formations in a horoscope which is achieved through a favourable combination of Surya (Sun) and Guru (Jupiter). Jupiter and Sun should either be joined together, aspect to each other or in opposite positions and the Jupiter should neither retrograde nor should it be too close to the Sun for the formation of Surya-Guru Raja Yoga.

Surya Guru Yoga
Surya Guru Yoga


Sun represents power, position and authority and also a father. Therefore, individuals with this Rajyoga have strong support from their father. Jupiter determines prosperity, success, good luck and intelligence. As a result, the person born with Surya-Guru Raja Yoga receives these benefits as well.

People with this Rajyoga will enjoy a prominent position in social life and will mostly be at the pinnacle of government jobs or civil services. These people enjoy wealth, fame and success but they also have to work hard for it. 

Mostly this success comes in after the youthful period of life. The conjunction of Sun and Jupiter gives an individual a feeling of fulfilment and positive vibes to their personality. Such people often show extraordinary acting skills, and therefore we often see this conjunction in the life of actors and actresses.

Celebrity Profile

We can see the perfect Sun-Jupiter conjunction in the horoscope of Raj Kapoor:

Raj Kapoor is one of the most iconic legends in the history of Indian cinema. You can clearly see the effect of Sun-Jupiter conjunction in this life. His ruling planet is Jupiter and lord of the 12th house Sun lies in Saggitarius. 

Therefore, he had a positive mindset and thought creatively throughout his life. He had strong support in the form of his father Prithviraj Kapoor and also received great love from his family, friends, and supporters.  

He did struggle in the early days of his career like many people who have Surya-Guru Raja Yoga do, but he tasted ultimate success in the later years of his life.