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Guru-Mangal Yoga

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Raja Yogas are auspicious for obtaining success in all spheres of life, financial prosperity and general fame. Different Raja yogas take place as a result of conjunction of two planets, depending on the lordship potential, natural significance to vedic astrology and the strength of both the planets in sign. Guru-Mangal Yoga is one of the important Raja yogas in the birth chart followed by South Indians. When Jupiter and Mars are in conjunction, the Guru-Mangala Yoga is made.This yoga helps obtain a long lifespan, happiness, progeny. Mangal refers to action and Guru refers to wisdom. The combination of Guru and Mangal is said to bring miracle. It helps the person rise phenomenally. Sustenance, perseverance and Prana shakti are important qualities. The person does not accumulate much wealth but is happy, comfortable and successful. However, he or she is susceptible to vices and can bring about self-destruction.


According to Saravali, a person with Guru Mangal yoga is skilful at working with hands, Vedic expert, rational, intelligent, expert at speech, wise, fond of weapon usage, good at sports and athletic activities. According to Mantresvara and Varahamihara, the combination brings natural leadership qualities, kingship and vast knowledge. The person has great drive and passion to attain mastery and expertise and easy victory over all kinds of struggles and difficulties. People with this combination get courage, become energetic and are fearless by nature. They attain high pedestals of success.

Celebrity Profile

Celebrities like Sachin Tendulkar are said to have Guru Mangala Yoga in his chart. He is a versatile sportsperson with most of the qualities commonly associated with the Yoga. He has both success and fame, and risen in professional and personal lives with prosperity, fame and immense success.

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