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Indra Yoga

Indra Yoga

Indra Yoga is not rare but an auspicious yoga in a horoscope which provides numerous benefits to an individual. It is formed when the lord of fifth and eleventh houses exchange their houses and the Moon should be in the 5th house as well.

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People who have this yoga in their horoscopes are very courageous and enjoy the topmost position in any organization or society. These people are known for their outspoken nature and achieve great fame and success in public life.

There have been many examples of Indra Yoga where a person did not enjoy a long life but his/her fame was long-lasting. Alexander the Great and Jesus Christ both lived a short life but their fame lasts even today.

Both these greats had this yoga in their horoscopes. However, if the 8th house i.e. house of longevity is strong there is no reason to worry in case you have Indra Yoga in your horoscope.

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The lord of the fifth house i.e. the Jupiter lies in the 11th house which is the house of Shani (Saturn). Similarly, the lord of the 11th house i.e. Saturn is placed in the fifth house. This has given rise to the yoga in his horoscope.

Many people believe that it was due to Indra Yoga that he died early. However, it is not completely true, there are other factors contributing to this fact but his long-lived fame can certainly be attributed to Indra Yoga as per our calculations.

We often see that many people have Indra Yoga in their horoscopes but they do not achieve any significant wealth or success in life. There can be various factors contributing to it.

Firstly, the positions of the majority of the planets must be favorable for a Raj Yoga or Indra Yoga to work. Secondly, the horoscope must be strong in order to support a favorable formation like Indra Yoga in your horoscope.