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Kahala Yoga

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Kahala Yoga

In Indian astrology, Raj yoga is a study of a combination of auspicious planets in a kundli. It provides the fortune of a person with this yoga in his birth chart. The Raj Yoga, in astrological terminology, judges the planetary position, significance and primary importance in relation to power, success and impact on personal and professional growth. The South Indian natal chart studies Raashis with indicators of particular ascendant being of primary importance. Raja Yogas are auspicious for obtaining success in all spheres of life, financial prosperity and general fame. Different Raja yogas take place as a result of conjunction of two planets, depending on the lordship potential, natural significance to vedic astrology and the strength of both the planets in sign.

Kahala Yoga
Kahala Yoga

The Parivartan Yoga or Kahala Yoga is one of the key Raja Yogas, created for change of place of ascendant houses. When the third house changes its place to ascendant second and fourth house, the Kahala yoga is created. The word Khal represents evil, and diverts a person from moral to immoral activities. The Kahala yoga helps making a person become noble again after going through a number of crises.


The birth chart, as believed by South Indians, shows struggles, hardships and difficulties ahead, and results are obtained as a result of change of houses of birth chart and the position of the lords of the houses. The Kahala Yoga is one of the main dispositor yogas that is centred on the lagna lord. House wise planetary positions provide for the necessary changes required to be made. The yoga disposes of the evil forces and gives importance to the fourth house lord. A person with Kahala yoga is aggressive in nature and can go through all means to derive power and success in all spheres of life.

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An example of people with this yoga is Amitabh Bacchan, one of the country’s leading actors. His Kahala yoga, as found in his birth chart, has shown him to be courageous and aggressive in gaining power, fame, success and wealth, a sudden shift in fortune after a long hard struggle. Today he has material possessions and has made a name for himself on the world platform.