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Chandra – Soma – The Moon

Chandra Moon
Chandra – Moon

Astrology associates great importance to the Moon or Chandra and it is often termed as the queen of the solar system as opposed to the Sun which is placed as the king. It is mainly associated with the mental powers and emotional strength of human beings.

Moon or Chandra is one of the most important planets, if not the most, in determining human fate as per Vedic astrology. Even though it is the smallest among the planets, its proximity to the earth makes it a major influencer of human life. Moon is not only significant for mental well-being but its combination with planet Jupiter also influences the wealth and prosperity of an individual.

No other celestial object has been more fascinating for human beings like the Moon. In art, craft and literature, the beauty and the mystery of the Moon has been provided a lot of importance. Just as the oceans on the planet rise on the full-moon day, the fluids in the human body also face a similar effect.

This often changes the balance of the human mind and can activate the emotions to an extreme point. It is no coincidence that the word ‘lunatic’ is derived from ‘Luna’, which means the moon.  As per astrology, the Moon spends two and half days in each zodiac sign and takes 28 days to go around the zodiac.

Influence of the Moon

Phases of moon – chandra

The moon represents the female sex and more specifically the mother in a major way. It is one of the strongest influencers of femininity, beauty, gentleness, intuition, eyesight and the mental prowess.

The Moon represents the mind as the mirror that reflects the soul and also governs the faculty of the senses that allow experiencing of life in its full splendor.

Just as Moon reflects the light of the Sun, the mind reflects the beauty of the inner core which is influenced by the Sun. In the human energy system, the Moon is represented by the Ida nadi. This nadi rises from the base of the spine, runs parallel to it on the left side and terminates at the left nostril.

The moon has major influence on the joy, happiness and the peace of mind that a person experiences throughout life. It also influences all things related to protection, security and caretaking and especially maternal relationships.

The position of the Moon on the horoscope can also influence the mental astuteness and emotional maturity of the person. It also influences the way one handles emotional upheavals in life and experience life in intimate moments. The balance between the reasonable part of our personality controlled by the Sun and the emotional aspects control by the Moon is essential for well-being.

The element of Moon is water, as it influences all water bodies on this planet. Those influenced by the Moon can deal efficiently with products from the ocean, agriculture, dairy business or can be employed in the navy or in the shipping segment.

The Moon can also give rise to a desire for public life and it is makes it favorable for a person to gain fame and fortune. The positive effects of Moon allow individuals to possess good social skills along with a beautiful smile. They can win trusts easily, have a lot of patience and an in-depth psychological understanding of others.

Moon Career Options Flowers, Perfume
Moon Career options Flowers, Florist, Perfumery

Since artistic skills are influenced by the Moon, these individuals can become painters, beauticians, interior designers and chefs. Since the Moon is connected with flowers and perfumes, it is benefic for a career as a florist or in a perfumery.  Such individuals will also do well as nurses.

People under the influence of the Moon generally have an endomorphic body type with medium to tall height. Both men and women of this category tend to have fluctuating weights and a curvy body pattern. The Moon also influences the reproductive cycle of human beings along with fertility and birth rate. It can also affect the sleep patterns and weight variations in individuals.

Characteristics of the Moon

Chandra - Moon Charecteristics
Charecteristics of Moon/Chandra

Moon is related to water and hence has significant impact on the zodiac signs which are related to water. These include the Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.

Moon is considered as a fast and quick moving planet and hence it brings about frequent changes in life. Repeated business related travels and change of occupations can happen due to its influence.

The Moon governs the inner self that is often guarded by the outer walls and comes out only during specific moments. The effect of Moon on the horoscope also brings about an importance to cleanliness and a desire for gaining appreciation. The ability to penetrate mental boundaries of others also allow these individuals to excel in marketing departments, and also as psychiatrists and sports coaches.

The Moon remains in an exalted position in the zodiac sign of the Taurus. This can lead the Taurus ascendant to a successful and a happy life along with plenty of wealth and affluence. These individuals demonstrate a quick-witted charm that is very helpful in winning over the hearts of others.

So when it comes to leadership, such people will lead not through force but by winning the hearts. An exalted Moon in Taurus brings out the best balance in a person in terms of relationships and also within the individual. The influence of the Moon also tends to make individuals romantic and devotional in their nature.

The Moon steps into the debilitation zone in the sign of Scorpio and can bring about a range of difficulties in the lives of such individuals. It will result in anxiety, tension and uncertainties of the mind along with emotional disturbances.

This may also lead to difficult relationships due to unbalanced lunar energies. On the other hand the presence of Moon in Scorpio can also lead to high levels of spiritual and mystical engagements in certain individuals. The malefic effects of Moon also include uneven emotional behavior, lack of cleanliness and an inability to accumulate wealth. 

The negative lunar effects also develop a fear of water and darkness in the mind and in many cases, there is a distinct lack of action and a conscious effort to gain sympathy from others. Such a person will also lack in mental strength, resolve and often tend to be aimless in their lives while being driven by pessimistic attitudes. A debilitated Moon in any house of the zodiac can nullify the good effects of that house.

Balancing a weak Moon

Moon – Chandra

For those who have a weak presence of Moon in their zodiac, it is advised not to accept silver gifts, but if possible, donate silver items twice a year.

Wearing silver jewellery and donating milk, sugar and rice to the deprived, specifically on Mondays, can bring beneficial effects. Yogic practices of pranayam to balance the solar and lunar energy channels of the body can bring about positive effects.

Lord Shiva is the deity associated with Moon and prayers and offering to him are suggested as remedies. Consuming coconut and wearing white garments can also prove to be beneficial.

For those under the negative effects of the Moon, keeping a stable relationship with the mother or a similar motherly figure is very important. Chanting the prayers of Lord Shiva on a full Moon night along with one’s mother, is often considered a good way to bring about a balance on the negative effects of the Moon.  

It is also advised to stay away from wild pigeons as this will further weaken the Moon sign. A weak Moon can also affect the planet Mars and Jupiter, resulting in the lack of physical energy. It is best to avoid rich food and drinks and consume fresh fruits, vegetables and drink lots of water on such occasions. These remedies cannot bring overnight effects and needs time and patience to create changes.

Religious significance of the Moon

Socio Religious significance of Moon

Moon has always had socio-religious significance even in ancient Egypt and in the Native American civilizations.

The effect on the Moon on the mind and body that can stir up deep emotional turbulences have been stressed upon in many civilizations.

The lunar calendar has played a significant role across many cultures. In India, the spiritual traditions have always stressed on the importance of balancing the Sun and the Moon elements of the human body.

Most of the Indian religious festivals are arranged based on the lunar calendar. Spiritual practices like meditation and many occult rituals are often practiced on full moon and no moon days to make the best use of the energies of the Moon.

As the Moon represents the intricacies of the mind, the spiritual practices are designed to use the Moon in transcending the limitations of the mind.

Basic astrological information about the Moon
picture of chandra moon

Day: Monday

Colour: White

Direction: North-West

Lord of Constellations:  Rohini, Hast and Shravan

Orbit time in one zodiac: 28 days

Own zodiac sign: Cancer

Friendly planets: Mars and Jupiter.

Inimical planets: Rahu, Ketu and Saturn

Metal of the Sun: Silver

Gemstone: Pearl

Deity: Lord Shiva

Physical features of the Sun: Beautiful round face.

Moon Chandra in Vedic Astrology