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Distinctive Traits of the Taurean Male

Also called Rishabham, Taurus is a sun sign which considered very lucky for men. Taurus is known to maintain, contain and soothe. Men who have this sun sign are known to be practical, slow, down to earth and practical. Some of the traits which make a Taurean male different from others are mentioned below-


Bull-headed is a term which is used for describing someone who doesn’t act until he is ready. Taureans are stubborn by nature. However, this stubbornness is a plus point which can be used as an advantage. Such a man is capable of digging in and holding his position to make his mark in business.

There are tactics which are utilized in business are similar to the methods used by a bull to protect his herd. There are many steps which can be taken to create the impression that one has strength and power. Taking a stand on whatever decision he takes makes a Taurus businessman stand out.

Successful and Down to Earth

The ability to create his own identity and be an inspiration for others is what makes a Taurean male different from others. A successful man with this sun sign is well-traveled and is sophisticated by nature. Taurus men are known to show off, they are known to exhibit their success through their actions.  They don’t have any hesitation showing off everything be it their financial success like a luxurious home, a beautiful wife or a luxury car.

A Kind and Gentle Bull

Adjectives such as loyal, reliable and resolute are closely linked with Taurus men and they do have some of these qualities. But, there are other qualities which makes them a Taurus man, including the fact that he has an artistic and epicurean nature. No doubt he is slow and might act in a slow manner and be finicky over things, but deep within he is a truly a kind, gentleman who has a liking for beauty and finer aspects of life.

In fact, no profile of a man with such a zodiac sign is complete without any indication of beauty. Taurean men have good aesthetic taste for physician beauty, and also for fine arts, quality wines, music, and gourmet food items.

They Are Generous in Love

Venus, the ruler of Vrishabha, confers such men with a unique charm. Once they fall in love, they are in love with complete devotion. This is a positive quality and dating a man with this sun sign can be a memorable experience. It’s quite common for a Taurean male to pamper his lady love with gifts, take her out for expensive dinners and make her feel special. But love needs to come to him. He doesn’t go out of his way to find love.

Taurians, the bull is deeply associated with the myth of the Minotaur and the labyrinth. The Minotaur is an animal with a head of a bull and body of a man who is a hedonist by nature and is trapped within an elaborate labyrinth where he waits to devour victims who are selected from the most presentable men and virgin girls.

Taurus characteristics:

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Rashi’s / Signs

Will like Pleasures of sweets, wine, wealth, taste, touch. Attracted to pleasures related to Mouth, voice, eyes. Will have medium stature and plump body. The forehead will be broad, neck thick, eyes bright, hair dark, and clear complexion. Solid Built and the natives of this lagna have great endurance and patience.

Provocation leads to anger. Slow and steady, persevering, conservative, don’t like to expend energy and patient. Strong will and not impulsive. Taurians are fond of good food and are very much after money and other worldly possessions. They are ambitious, cheerful and fond of enjoyment and are fond of music, arts, cinema, drama, etc.

Like to hoard money and are spend miserly. Treasure holder, ancient knowledge, history, old stories, songs, accumulate wealth, capital, memories etc are indicated by this Rasi.

Beautiful, face, stable, sluggish, loyal, meadows, plains, luxury halls, dining halls, eating places, fine teeth, large eyes, luxurious, faithful, thick hair, stout.

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Also, known and Vrishabha/Rishabha and indicating herds, hoards, stacks, preserve etc and broadly signifying banking, collecting, saving, preservation, conservation, reservoir, inventory, warehouse, database, library, genetics, history, stories etc

Three Nakshatras occupy this Rasi – Krittika 3 padas, Rohini 4 padas and Mrigashira 2 padas.

Vrishabha meanings:

  • Virtues, Values, hoardings, Herds
  • Natural Resources
  • Storage, History, Restoration
  • Pleasures, Treasures

Animal is indicated by Bull. Vrishabha or Taurus spans from 30° to 60° of the zodiac next to Mesha. This sign belongs to the Earth element