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Traits of Men Born with Libra Sun Sign

Libra, which is the 7th sign of the Zodiac is pictured with a symbol of Balancing Scales.  Men born with this sun sign are good balancers of different degrees. 

Since a pair of Scales has two sides, these individuals to two have two sides to their personality and thought process. Some of the distinctive traits of their personality are mentioned below-

He Wants Balance and Harmony

As a pair of Scales suggests, a man born with the Libra zodiac sign looks for balance and harmony. He has a good sense of justice and often takes up just causes and expects his soul mate to support him on these issues.

He can be pleased with considerable ease since and hates confrontation. But he is indecisive and so it becomes difficult to nail him down with an opinion. He can weigh all sides with care initially and can change his mind after some introspection.

He is fickle minded

The above-mentioned qualities can occasionally make Libra man fickle minded when it comes down to relationships. He loves a lot of people and they love him too, which creates a perception that he is a flirt by nature.

Men who are born with this sun sign expect a relationship to be perfect. If he fails to find a perfect soul mate, he often looks for a person who is more suitable for him. But once he truly falls in love, he is faithful and devoted.

He loves being flattered

Once a person is able to catch the attention of a male with this sun sign, she needs to work hard to retain his interest. Such a man loves being flattered and complimented often. So if you like someone who has this zodiac sign, send him small gifts occasionally and little notes, even if you have no concrete reason.

Plan romantic escapes with him such as candlelit dinners. Give him surprises by taking him for romantic getaways even if they are for just a couple of days such as a sunset boat ride. Use your power of imagination and he will fall head over heels in love with you!

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He loves art & culture

In order to find a Libra man, you will have to think in the way he does. As he has a liking for beauty and creativity, try to meet him at arts and crafts fairs, art galleries and museums. Such a person has an altruistic spirit.

Therefore you might see Libra man marching in a protest or volunteering to help people living in a homeless shelter. He also loves luxury. Therefore, he often visits fine dining restaurants, hotels and clothing outlets.

A man who is born with such a sun sign looks for a woman who can keep him happy emotionally, spiritually, physically as well as intellectually.

For gaining his attention and create a good impression, you will need to be distinctive. He is attracted to beautiful women who have a good sense of style as well as elegance.