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Sagittarious Dhanur Raasi

8 Interesting Qualities of the Sagittarius Female

Sagittarius, also called Dhanush is ninth among the twelve zodiac signs. A woman who is born with this sun sign is curious by nature. She has the intention to learn as much as she can but doesn’t store the information.

She will want to look over what she has learned from her own experience and apply it in her day to day life. Some of the distinctive qualities of the Sagittarius female are mentioned below-

She is broad minded

The Sagittarius female takes time to get close to new people so that she can know them in a better way. She looks at interesting people as knowledgeable. She is drawn to friends who have a different social and ethnic background than her.

Such a woman avoids narrow-minded people who fail to see outside their own point of view. Therefore she intends to make friendships with people who are as independent as she is.

She is open to learning

She is open to learning from people from all walks of life. Because of this unique characteristic, she is likely to travel to different places. She may volunteer to join the peacekeeping corps to travel to distant parts of the world.

Adventurous lady sagittarius dhanush
Adventurous Sagittarius
She is adventurous

She longs for new adventures to explore places unknown and meet new people. She is a free soul and isn’t one who can be held back by outdated gender-based roles and social taboos. She will do what she intends to do and when she wants and doesn’t care much about what others might think about it.

She is free and frank

A Sagittarius woman isn’t fearful of stubborn people in case they have a wrong view on anything. She hates anybody who is sexist, homophobic or misogynist. She considers them illiterate and won’t be bothered if she hurts their feelings. She is kind and considerate to people who are as open-minded as her.

She is a free spirit

A woman who is born under the Sagittarius sun sign won’t be happy unless she has freedom. She can even fight people to be free. So if she joins a political rally, it won’t be something surprising. She strongly believes in social justice and equality.

Child caring Sagittarious
Caring Sagittarious
She is very caring

As a soul mate, the Sagittarius female is very caring and will support her partner as long as he is faithful to her. If she is passionate about other things in life and is in a stable relationship, then both will have a passionate time in the bedroom as well.

She has a liking for free-spirited men

A lady who is born with this sun sign prefers a partner who is as lively and full of life as she is. She will never settle down with somebody who isn’t open-minded by nature. She will always look for someone who has is willing to fight for his beliefs.

She is a good companion

You would have a good time with a Sagittarius woman as your companion. She can be a true friend but don’t take things at a personal level if she is preoccupied with herself.