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Baby Vedic Name -Dhanush

Star chart as a branch of vedic astrology


The name Dhanush means the bow used for archery. The name can only be suggested for a baby boy and is not unisex in nature. 

Dhanush has a Sanskrit origin and is mainly suggested for babies belonging to the Sagittarius zodiac sign.

Those having the name stand out to be very successful in their lives. Such people can handle any obstacle or hurdles tactfully. The boys or men with such a name are highly responsible with great knowledge and wisdom.

The lucky number for this particular is 2 and comes under the number 29 astrologically. This name therefore turns out to be very bold and auspicious.

Also, the boys or men with such a name are highly experienced. They are mostly adventure and amusement lovers. Extrovert nature makes them comfortable with friends but they are grounded by family and home.

They are nature lovers and prefer hiking or river rafting with a group of friends more than anything else. However, the men or boys with the name Dhanush may not pay attention to smaller problems in life and love to aim for bigger things in life.

Additionally, they are humorous and charming with cunningness as the garnish. The people having the name Dhanush are highly inclined to art and creative works.

Final word

The baby name Dhanush is highly lucky for those born between 22nd November and 22nd December as it is the Sagittarius timing which is more auspicious for naming the babies.

It is also a fact that this name is very are and has been flaunted by celebrities in their career and have found success on screen in their movies or commercials.