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6 Interesting Qualities of the Aquarius Female

Aquarius is actually an air sign. But unlike women born with other zodiac signs, an Aquarius woman has a power of her own which can make you feel scared when you first come to know her.

Here are some of the interesting qualities of the Aquarius female that make her unique in her own way-

She is highly unpredictable

Women who are born with this zodiac sign are known to be unpredictable by nature. Having such a lady as a companion has its own share of pros and cons. Often, you won’t have a clear idea of how she might react to a situation.

Therefore you will have lesser chances of being depending on her. She might turn up late for her appointments. Such a lady is often motivated by the thought that she needs to earn the respect of others.

Relationship Aquarius
Relationship Aquarius
She follows her heart in relationships

When she is in love, an Aquarius female will always follow her heart as long as she has the freedom to do what she wants to. She is always insecure about losing her own individuality to others. Therefore she always tries to be on the safe side.

She is cooperative by nature

A woman who has Aquarius as their zodiac sign are compatible with people who also tend to have air signs such as Gemini, Libra and other people with the same sign as her. Moreover, people with fire signs like Aries, Sagittarius, and Leo are also compatible with her.

Usually, astrologers say that Leo and Aquarius are signs which are in perfect contrast to each other. The relationships of a lady who has this sun sign with Taurus and Scorpio are the most challenging.

She is a born leader

Aquarius women are highly intelligent and tend to be great leaders. They like to share their knowledge, which in turn helps them to expand their own knowledge. Team-work matters a lot to them. Therefore, they are valuable assets for the organizations they work with.

They are more drawn towards professional and social position rather than riches. Though a lady born with this sun sign would prefer to lead a comfortable life, she is not money minded.

She is not a person who desires to explore her own potential and achieve success without bothering about any type of financial gains.

own rules aquarius
Own rules aquarius -kumbha
She leads her life according to her rules

Ladies who have Aquarius as their zodiac sign tend to live according to their own rules. They also respect people who listen to their heart. As long as you respect their privacy they will be respectful to you.

Women who have this sun sign believe in peaceful coexistence. Therefore they never impose their own point of view on others.

She is highly demanding

Aquarius women have high expectations from themselves in whatever endeavor they are involved in. They have the same type of expectations from others also.

This is one of the major reasons why they get disappointed quite easily with poor performance.  They don’t forgive people quite easily either.