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Interesting Things to Know About People with Leo Zodiac

Leo, the fifth sign of astrological year and is represented by its symbol, the lion. One of the most interesting facts is that they prefer to be in limelight, which is the major reason why quite a few of them opt for a career in performing arts. Given below are some of the interesting facts about people who are born with this zodiac sign-

They have a strong liking for the limelight

There isn’t a single person born under the Leo sun sign who wouldn’t want to gain attention all the time. They want to gain appreciation from people who are close to them as well as superiors. A Leo has a tendency to show off and grab the limelight.

They are not push-overs

Leos are not the right kind of people to meddle with because if you rub them in the wrong way, then you will have no other option than to run away.

This is because a Leo doesn’t take things lying down if he or she is wrong, and they are not guilty. Leos are just through their nature and expect others to reciprocate in the same manner.

Competitive LEO
Competitive Simha
They are highly competitive

A Leo is always ready to accept challenges. No matter what task they may have, a Leo is ever ready to compete. This is because they have an instinctive need for winning each challenge which is thrown at them.

They are comfort seekers

Leos detest doing hard work. They are not willing to give up their own comforts once they are successful in whatever they do. They never venture out of their comfort zone after a point.

A Leo Has a Large Heart

Generous by nature. If you are good to a Leo he would do anything to help you out. Their needs in life are simple and they love to be treated in a fair manner and be recognized.

Always Wants to Be in Authority

A Leo wants to be in authority in everything that he or she does. If he or she volunteers, the person will want to have complete access to decide how things are going to work.

A Leo is highly meticulous in his or her work method. Such a person cannot work as a subordinate to anyone.

Leos are Childish

Child at heart and never grows up. A person born under the zodiac sign is blank at heart and is happy in the little things in life.

Will enjoy playing and following hobbies which they loved as children. No matter what they might say or do, they go ahead without thinking of the challenges they might face.

Leo/Simha Leader
A Simha is a Born Leader

Loves leading from the front. They tend to be good mentors as well as bosses.

They feel secure being in the top position and so they don’t hesitate to share their knowledge with people who work under them as subordinates.

Leo: Stomach, digestion, navel, mountains, forests, caves, deserts, palaces, parks, forts, boilers, steel factories, thin, dry, hot, royal, self-pride, insolent, domineering.

Also, know as Simha, the lion. Simha specializes in leadership, Dominance, radiance, splendor, royalty, self-entitlement, divine intelligence, celebrity, creativity, politics and drama.


Simha lagna has well developed bones and a broad forehead.

Moderate stature, well-built and muscular, dignified and commanding.

Generally noble, large hearted, magnanimous and generous.

Lagna and Many planets in Simha indicates faith in friends and relatives.

Natural tendency to lead and wanting to be head of organizations.

Very ambitious, authoritative and talks less.

Rigid in their thinking and attitude, get angry soon.

Tendency to be spendthrifts and capacity to face adverse situations.

Regal Appearance and expressive eyes.

Good to control the ego and libido.

Materialistic, Insatiable w.r.t career and monetary levels and status.

Involvement in work is intense and whole-hearted.

Suddenness in actions and unpredictable.

There could be sudden end in friendship and relationships.

Will be fond of Eating, music and entertainment.

Good chances to reach high level in career.

Indications: high places, peak experience, brilliant entertainment, political power, celebrity events, summit meetings, royal enthronement, Radiance, Confidence, Autocracy, Drama, Creative Performance