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4 Qualities Which Make People with Aries Sun Sign Unique

Aries or Mesha is the first sign in the zodiac, spanning the first 30 degrees of celestial longitude. Under the sidereal zodiac, the Sun transits this sign from approximately April 15th to May 14th each year

Zodiac signs form the very basis for creating a horoscope. On the basis of your zodiac sign, a person is provided certain characteristics which stick to him or her permanently. Each person, no doubt has specific behavioural patterns of their own. But there are some personality traits which bind people with the same sun sign together. According to astrology, our personality and outlook depend on the sun-sign which people are born into. Some of them are mentioned below-

They are independent

If your sun sign is Aries, then you are not meant to be in the rat race. You are not afraid of being left out alone in a group since you can handle things on your own. Being dependent on others or waiting for their help is something which you are not likely. You are confident about yourself and have complete faith in your abilities. But, don’t ignore learning. Try to be a team player also.


As an independent soul, you are quite pre-occupied with yourself. You are completely committed to performing things in a flawless manner. Anybody who will act as an obstacle to these attributes will be ignored by you temporarily. It doesn’t mean that you are self-centered, but highly driven towards a specific achievement. So you may not trust people who are close to you.

You are impulsive by nature

You believe in action, not words. Thinking deeply over a course of action is not something which you normally do. You rather get involved in the task with all your energies and will-power. All that motivates you to do so is the instinct in your heart. That becomes your main source of motivation and you adhere to it, following the call of your heart. Your friends might warn you to stay away from taking prompt decisions in your life. But that is not likely to be deterred from moving ahead. Listening to your well-wishers would prove to be wise.

You are highly enterprising

You are aware that what you are heading to. You are going to move ahead with what you believe in, without thinking about the consequences. You won’t be worried about the result of your efforts. This ensures that you are highly enterprising, not afraid about the risks and challenges you are likely to face. The major obstacle and risks associated with this won’t stop you from achieving what you have made up your mind about. People praise you because of this quality and will drive you towards your success.


Since you are dynamic by nature, you love talking and chattering with people. Your presence is likely to be felt in front of your friends and families since you will interact with others. This is a positive attribute since it shows that you have the interest to know and enquire about how others are doing in their day to day life. This makes you stand out as a social person and a lovable person for that.

Chartectoristics of Aries:

Dynamic, enterprising, valiant, ruddy, head, forests, large forehead, hasty, impulsive, restless, thick eyebrows, leadership, overbearing, dry, lean, tall.

Also known and Mesha or Meda indicating the newly born, the one who arrives first, inventor, innovator, competitor etc.

Rashi‘s and Houses

Different indications of Mesha includes:

  • Pioneer, Arya, New Birth, New Energy, First arrived
  • Muscular movement, athletic, mobility
  • Competition, war, championship, winning
  • Life force, conquest and high vitality

      Natives of Mesha Lagna:

  • Having a long neck and face with rough complexion
  • Broad forehead, lean and muscular body
  • Thick eyebrows and a sharp sight
  • Will be active, ambitious, bold and impulsive.
  • Chances of being rash and aggressive
  • Could be confident, courageous, enterprising
  • Highly attractive to opposite sex, with a charm and optimistic.
  • Blood -red complexion
  • Ruler is Mangala and strong during the night.

Signification of Mesha :


Animation, fast action, quick, conquest, violence, domination, Ambition, aspiration, autocrat,  multiply, desperation, energy for manifestation, Very goal-oriented, forgiving, likes to pardon, not satisfied, head, start, beginning, constrained, newness innovation, novelty, masculine, Fire, Charming, potential, Saturn hates, vitality etc.

Ashwini Nakshatra, Bharani Nakshatra and first pada of Krittika Nakshatra are there in the Mesha Rashi.

RAM is the Animal indicated for Mesha or Aries..