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6 Qualities Which Make a Gemini Woman Stand Out

Gemini (Midhunam) is the third sun sign of the Indian zodiac from 60 degrees to ninety degrees. A woman who is born under this sun sign is more women who are rolled into one. She is a unique mix of intriguing qualities. One minute gentle and care, the other minute sarcastic, a Gemini woman has a highly fascinating quality. Here are some of the qualities which makes a Gemini woman unique-

She is witty

A Gemini woman is really clever and has the ability to discuss on any topic-be it politics, philosophy or religion then talk about the latest celebrity scandals. She is curious by nature, prodding and poking at every single angle and idea, her agile mind moving from one thought to the other like lightning. She is good with quick one-liners and will remember the smallest, even the least important trivia. She loves talking, to acquire ideas and information, rather than look for ways to get over boredom.

She has a great power of imagination

What are the best ways to describe a Gemini woman? Ruled by Mercury, she is an intellectual, her mind is first class, her views are original and distinctive. A Gemini woman gets bored easily. She wants change, movement and communication to feel challenged and entertained. Geminis are known to be charming and use it in a great way.

It is this combination of high intelligence, eloquence, wit, and charm which makes Gemini woman special. She can be an artist, musician, politician or playwright. Famous Gemini women include Anne Frank, Angelina Jolie, Kirsten Scott Thomas, and Helena Bonham Carter.

She has mood swings

A Gemini woman can be really kind, caring and adaptable to moods and situations. If you want her to have love, you need to be really sensitive and forgiving of her mood swings. In fact, she would prefer a soul mate who finds her oddities lovable. One positive thing to know about Gemini woman is that if she ever becomes quiet, she will soon be able to come out of her shell and get back to her cheerful behavior.


She is lively

The major strength of a Gemini woman depends on their vibrant personality and outlook. As stated earlier Gemini-born woman is known for their ability to double thinking. So, she is not confused between two choices.

She is compatible with everyone

Gemini women can be on good terms with everybody since they have good communication skills and are broad-minded. They love being on the move and to be surrounded by people. So when a Gemini woman organizes a party, this doesn’t come as a surprise.

She is a good friend

Gemini women are known for being very faithful friends. They will always have taken interest in your life, without any interference. Come what may, they will always be ready to assist you. They will boost your spirit, help you to recognize their potential, and motivate you to achieve your dreams. Thus, having a Gemini woman as a friend can be the best friend.

Gemini significations: Chest, garden, communication, journalism, schools, colleges, study rooms, cables, telephone, newspapers, tall, well-built, prominent cheeks, thick hair, broad chest, curious, learned, jovial.

Also known as Mithuna, Midhunam and meanings include: paired, a couple, copulation, twins, complement, companion etc

Natives of Mithuna are Tall with a straight body and long hands. Long nose with sharp and active eyes. Positive, dreaming and joyous. Restless and like changes very often. Like communication, reading and writing. Can adapt and like to travel. They are always of two minds and are incapable of taking quick decisions. Intellectually strong, curious to learn and fickle minded. Can be involved in multiple occupations.

Characteristics and signification of Mithuna:

Embrace, Sharing, Pairing, twin. Shoulder, Lungs, Arms and Hands.

Talkative, communication, ideas in mind. Business talks, commerce, transaction, information exchange. Group work; teams; entourage, assemble and work. Administration sales marketing advertising meetings. Message and Massage. Communication skills; writing; group discussions.