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Character Traits of a Person with Cancer Sun Sign

Known for their sentimental, sympathetic and their complex personality, individuals who are born under the Zodiac sign of Cancer are conservative from their heart of hearts. People who have this sun sign are known to be in familiar ambiance and are good at nurturing their relationships. To get a good idea of a person who is born under this Zodiac sign, have a look at their positive and negative qualities-

Positive qualities

They are highly creative

People who are born with this sun sign have a high power of imagination. But in that process, they often come up with ideas which might not be too practical or can be too over-ambitious.


The power to think and act at the spur of the moment is one of the major qualities of a Cancer-born. Rather than reasoning, they rely more on their intuition while taking decisions.


Though they are sensitive, Cancer-born people are faithful and generous to people who are close to him. Such people don’t expect anybody to reciprocate to their generosity and faithfulness. If you are born with strengths and weaknesses, you can opt for a horoscope analysis report, the basis of your birth chart which is prepared by a professional astronomer.

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Positive Charecteristics
They are loving

Cancer-born individuals have great respect for people who are close to them. People who do not stay close to them get to see the lovable nature of a person who is born under this sun sign.

They are emotional

People who are born with this sun sign are emotional but occasionally they can appear to be icy and aloof. They do sympathize with people who are close to them and care a lot for them.

Highly protective

People who are born under the Cancer zodiac sign are highly protective of their interests, personal area, relationships, family members and belongings.

Negative qualities

They are highly moody

These individuals can highly temperamental and their mood swings are unpredictable and their mood swings are pretty unpredictable which can really disturb people who are close to them.

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Negative Charecteristics
Pessimistic attitude

They can be easily be disappointed by failures and setbacks. Studies have shown that people who are born under the sign of Cancer are vulnerable to pessimism.

Dependence on others

This is a really distinctive characteristic of people with this zodiac sign. People who are born with under this Cancer zodiac sign find it really tough to ignore things which are close to their heart.  They find it really tough to look beyond imperfections and move ahead.

They are overemotional

Cancer-born people prefer to carry imaginary hurts and setbacks in their mind. This is because they are highly overemotional, which are known to create problems with them.

Suspicious nature

Cancer-born individuals tend to doubt the intentions of people since they have a habit of cross-checking everything.

They have a habit of nagging

A person who has Cancer as his or her zodiac sign are regarded as inborn naggers. This negative energy creates a distance between them and others, including their family members.

Cancer: Heart, breast, watery fields, rivers, canals, kitchen, food, attractive, small build, emotional, deeply attached, mother-like, sensitive.

Also known and Karataka/Karakartaka and specializes in Roots, Rhythms, Routines, Foundation, Home, Native, Homelands, Character etc.

Punarvasu 4th Pada and Pushya and Ashlesha are the Nakshatras in this Sign.

Natives of Cancer:

have a heavy body and good grip.

The upper portion of their body is generally large.

Tendency to walk with a rolling gait.

Generally Short and changeable and fluctuating mind.

Like the Moon life is full of ups and downs.

They are often emotional and over-sensitive and also sympathetic.

They are timid at one time and courageous at other time.

generally successful and are also able to achieve honors and wealth.

Fond of home and family comforts.

Attached to the mother/home land.

Strong in the night and represents the brahmins.

Karakata meanings: Schooling , Foundation, Securing, Shielding, Native, Place, Shelter, Nestle, Sustain, Home Land, Patriotism, Protectionism, Parenting, Policing etc.

Karkata are the guardians of the Earth and sensitive to security and protection. Highly Patriotic and deeply attached to roots, habits and routines.

Could be: Gardeners, Defenders, protectors, Water and Land related, the parental caretakers, the police, the patriots, the sheltering and nourishing security specialists, parental attitude, Environmentalists. Farmer, Fishermen, Good connect with Nature