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Baby Vedic Name-Chandra

Baby name Chandra meaning and Astrology

Baby Name: Chandra

Gender: Boy & Girl

Origin: Hindu, Indian, Bengali, Oriya, Nepali, Assamese, Marathi, Telugu, Kannada, Tamil

Chandra Meaning: Of the moon, dignified, moon-like, Goddess of the Moon

Variant: Chand, Chandara

Number: 3

Moon Sign (Rashi): Pisces (Meen)

Star (Nakshtra): Revati

Similar Names

Name: Chandrak, Gender: Boy

Name: Chandraraj, Gender: Boy

Name: Chandresh, Gender: Boy

Name: Chanda, Gender: Girl

Name: Chandni, Gender: Girl

It is a Hindu name meaning shining or to shine like the moon. Moon in Hinduism is considered to be a deity and a ‘Graha’. The name Chandra is also associated with Vedic Lunar God Soma. Chandra is a Hindi and a Sanskrit word for moon. It is also the middle name of the Hindu Lord Rama. It is an unusual and rare name. People named Chandra are known for their inner strength. They are generally full of talents. Chandra is an internationally perceived named and is a name that is widely used all over the world. This name is a transcription of both masculine as well as a feminine form. People named Chandra have a deep inner desires for companionship and love. They are good as team members and work with others in complete harmony and peace. 

Baby named Chandra will grow up to be orderly and build his/her life on a solid foundation of order and service. People with the name tend to be truthful, values justice, and are highly disciplined. They are often quick-tempered, especially when there is disorganization and indiscipline. They are practical by nature and are good at managing finances. However, because of their focus on order they are sometimes over cautious and conservative in nature.