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Sun-Surya, Aditya, Ravi, Bhanu

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Sun -Surya

Sun is the life giving source of the entire solar system. Hence in astrology, it is treated as the supreme and King among all the planets or grahas.

In Vedic astrology all celestial objects that affect human life is considered as a plant and hence Sun is also treated as a plant and not as a star.

As it sits at the head of the solar system it is considered to be the most influential planet. The Sun is also one of the original Vedic triads who were worshipped since early ages.

All life on this planet is dependent on the sun for survival and even the planetary forces act in line with the effects of the sun. Hence the Sun not only signifies power but also determines the future of all life and the outcome of every event to a great extent. 

Influence of the Sun

Sun Surya
Sun-Surya, Ravi, Bhanu

The rays of the sun are not only the life-force of the planet and the living beings, but also impact the innermost core of all humans.

So it is often termed as the influencer of the soul of all beings. In the human energy system, the sun is represented by the Pingala nadi.

This nadi rises from the base of the spine, runs parallel to it on the right side and terminates at the right nostril. In addition with the Moon, the Sun plays a major role in the forming and maintaining the balance of the human system. The Sun gives every person strength, well-being and vitality and is also responsible for the vigor and good constitution of the human body.

Being the source of energy for the solar system, the Sun represents the power and the authority that a person will demonstrate in life. It also determines the basic features person’s personality and his tendencies. The creative force exhibited by an individual and the ability to meet challenges is also determined by its presence. It also rules over various other aspects of a person like intellect, talent, wealth, personal conduct, physical activity and fame.

The inner consciousness of every individual is affected by the position of the Sun as it governs the reasonable “adult” part in a person and keeps control over the “inner child”. While an individual’s dreams and aspiration can run in various directions, the position of the Sun in the horoscope determines the results, both in professional and personal spheres.

The Sun also influences a person to be playful, kind and generous, along with instilling the sense of compassion to help out those in need. The bravery and self-confidence that a person displays under various life situations, is also influenced by the position of the Sun in the horoscope. The way every individual manifests himself or herself in the outer world is governed by the Sun to a large extent.

Since Sun is a male sign, the influential male figures in a person’s life like father, husband and various others are governed by the Sun. It also determines the creative essence in a person and his or her energy and capability to move towards the goal with determination.

The influence of the Sun makes people open to new experiences and enjoy the brighter aspects of life through various means like games, hobbies, romance and sometimes even through gambling. The freedom to enjoy like a child also ignites the creative spirit of a person who has a strong Sun sign.

The Sun also determines the physical appearance of an individual and the traits include a round face, blackish red skin, broad shoulders, lean and muscular structure and an average height. It also grants good immunity and a commanding power of speech.

Being the energy center of the planets, the Sun has major influence on physical and mental well-being. It affects a variety of body parts including the heart, brain, right eye, bones, face, spleen and overall blood circulation.

Characteristics of the Sun

Surya with his 7 horses
Surya with his 7 horses

The Sun determines various features that a person exhibits and also governs a large portion of the socially significant attributes of the personality.

A strong position of the Sun in a person’s horoscope generally grants power, position and authority throughout life. The high posts of power, be it in the government or in the private sector, are under the control of the Sun.

The presence of a powerful Sun in the horoscope is very important for ministers, politicians and business tycoons.

The first sign of the zodiac, Aries, is where the Sun can be in an exalted position and this is considered as one of the most significant signs in the horoscope. The presence of an exalted Sun makes a person powerful, dynamic and dominant in terms of personality.

This makes them ideal as leaders in various fields, allowing them to take the center stage effectively. This also inculcates the fire of the Sun strongly inside them, making them exhibit signs of courage and anger. The charismatic personality traits allow them to gain popularity and perform well in public life.

When the Sun is positioned in the house of Leo, it makes the person independent, forceful, strong-willed and commanding. The presence of the Sun in a person of Leo ascendant will provide knowledge and versatility, along with robust features.

Just as the Sun rests at the center of the solar system, the Leo will love to be the center of attention for every gathering. The Sun is also friendly with planets like Mars, Jupiter and Moon. If it is positioned in a favourable house of a friendly sign, it will bring a lot of positive effects to the native of that sign.

In general, a favourable sign of the Sun grants enough power to an individual to take control of his or her own life.

If the Sun is not placed in a favourable position, it can bring debilitating effects on a person’s life. This will include the social, financial and professional spheres. A weak position of the Sun tends to bring hardship in the lives of those who are in the fields of administration, politics and medicine.

An afflicted position of the Sun can create further problems and bring about sufferings from the aspects of career and health. When the Sun is not favourable, the individual can suffer from diseases like blood pressure issues, diabetes, cardiac ailments, jaundice and mental ailments. 

A weak position of the Sun can also result in the person becoming greedy, self-centred, boastful and unable to accept a different point of view. Such a person may sulk when things do not work as per plans and is not a good team player.

They will also have an inherent attitude of “Me first” in all sorts of relationships and can tend to misuse the power handed to them. A weak Sun is an extremely undesirable condition in the astrological charts of any person. So for those with an afflicted Sun, remedial measures are definitely important to overcome the problems faced.

Balancing a weak Sun

Image of Sun
Sun- Surya

The Sun can be worshipped through favourable items like red flowers and clothes, sandalwood paste and other items.

For those with an unfavourable Sun, fasting on Sundays and donating items like wheat, sugarcane, coconuts and groundnut can bring favourable results. One also needs to avoid the consumption of raw salt and using items made out of copper.

The beeja-mantra of the Sun is “Om hram hrim hraum sah suryaya namah” and reciting this every morning is also beneficial. 

Wearing jewellery made from items like gold or crafted with precious stones like ruby, red agate, amber, and tiger’s eye can be beneficial. The Yogic practice of Surya Namaskar is also helpful for obtaining mind and health benefits.

Worship of Lord Vishnu on Sundays can also bring result in good effects. For those who have a weak Sun sign along with skin, bone and eye related problems, fasting for half a day can result in beneficial effects.

Sun is also represented in Shiva temples and visiting such a temple on a Sunday can be effective way to resolve the problems in life.

Religious significance of the Sun

Sun Set Surya
Surya Ravi

The Sun has always been considered as a visible living God and Sun worship is a part of many ancient religions.

It occupies important positions in the Greek and Roman mythologies.

In India, people have been worshipping to the Sun God for many years and quite a few Sun temples were constructed.

The Sun temple of Konarak and the one in Modhera in Gujarat are some examples of architectural splendour. In Vedic texts, The Sun is also referred by other names like Aditya, Martaanda and Vivasvat. It is also an important element in the Yogic system and integrating the human life cycle with the larger solar cycle is an important aspect of Yoga.

Basic astrological information about the Sun

Surya Varuna with 7 Horses

Gender: Male

Day: Sunday

Colour: Orange

Direction: East

Lord of Constellations:  Krittika, Uttaraphalguni and Uttarashada

Sun Mantra

Orbit time: One month

Lord of zodiac: Leo

Friendly planets: Moon, Mars and Jupiter.

Inimical planets: Venus and Saturn

Metal of the Sun: Gold and copper

Gemstone: Ruby

Deity: Lord Vishnu

Physical features of the Sun: round face and honey coloured eyes.

Sun Surya in Vedic Astrology