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Budha Aditya Yoga

To be able to better understand the Budha Aditya yoga, it is first important to learn the significance of planet Mercury and the Sun on rashis. Sun is the ultimate source of energy, courge, recognition, and power. Mercury as a planet is an indicator of knowledge and intelligence, mental intellect, speech capabilities and stamina. While the Sun is responsible for self-respect, honor and ego, Mercury brings wisdom and consciousness. The conjugation of the Sun and the planet Mercury forms Budha Aditya yoga.

The Budha Aditya yoga is formed from 17th of August to 29th of August in the sign of Leo. Thus, people with sign Leo gets excellent results. Besides Leo, the Budha Aditya yoga is beneficial for signs including Gemini, Aries, and Virgo. It provides mediocre results in signs like Sagittarius and Cancer. However, people with signs Pisces and Libra gets dissatisfaction and spoiled reputation with the Budha Aditya yoga in their rashis.

Attaining the maximum benefits of Budha Aditya Yoga

Budh Aditya yoga south indian chart
Budh-Aditya Yoga

In the Sun and Mercury Maha Dasha, the Budha Aditya yoga provides the maximum benefits. When the Sun and Mercury are positioned at an angle 0 to 20 degrees one can expect. If the position of the planet and the Sun is below 3 degrees or more than 27 degrees, the yoga produces invisible results. Rahu, Ketu, and Sani’s impact can mould the outcomes of Budha Aditya yoga. The impact of Budha Aditya yoga is cancelled if Mercury comes closer to Sun.

The Budha Aditya yoga in the 1st house offers the person with a lot of name and fae along with professional success. In the 2nd, it gives wealth, comfort, and luxuries. It also entails a happy married life. The 3rd house offers success in professions like astrology, army, and transport business. Likewise, there are a total of 12 houses of the Budha Aditya yoga.

Amitabh Bachchan
Amitabh Bachchan

Celebrity Profile: Bollywood legend Amitabh Bachchan has Budha Aditya yoga in his horoscope. It is due to this yoga that he became a charismatic person and gained so much popularity. He is well-known for his wit, intellect, and fame, which has been possible due to the Budha Aditya yoga impact. He has been gaining success and having a happy life at home. So according to the 4th house of the Budha Aditya yoga he has been enjoying a good family life, acquiring wealth, and traveling to foreign countries. Also, in his horoscope, the 2nd house of the yoga is in favor.