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Ravi Yoga

The specific and very distinct nakshatra distance between the Sun and Moon is considered and referred as the Ravi Yoga. As an exemplary, it can be stated that when the counting distance from Sun’s nakshatra to Moon’s nakshatra is respectively 4,6,9,10,13,20 inclusive of both the nakshatra in 27 star scheme is renamed as Ravi Yoga. 

Constitution of Ravi Yoga 

Ravi Yoga achieves its formation when Moon is four nakshatras away from Sun. It is constituted when a specific time period comes in the Hindu lunar month. It is accepted as a good and beautiful day for conducing successful actions and activities along with good will and intentions. This Yoga takes place when Moon nakshatra is particularly distant from Sun nakshatra by the means of 4,6,9,10,13,20 nakshatras. 

Ravi Yoga Results 

Ravi Yoga in its specific time period results in various auspicious and beautiful ceremonies which are respectively; bringing a new car to home, final closure of a home deal, car booking, inaugurating any shops, and house warming parties or events. Ravi Yoga results in invalidation of the spoiled or bad muhurtas. 

South Indian Chart of the combination of Ravi Yoga

According to the South Indian chart, Ravi Yoga is regarded as the combination of planets which are formed by Sun in the 10th house and by the lord of the 10th house in the third house alongside the Saturn. 

Celebrity Profiles 

It has been observed that, various celebrities were born in Ravi Yoga. Some of the examples are Sri Aurobindo, Srinivasa Ramanujan, Jayaprakash Narayan and Bhimsen Joshi and similarly many other well known personalities. 

They all very vigorously possessed the power of destroying the vicious effects. Being born with an aggregation of a scientist and later on accomplished a powerful status and position in administration. They were found to be quite lost in their own dreams or absorbed in their studies. However they ate very less in their childhoods but later on were greatly respected and followed in their respective domains. They all could contribute some valuable works to the society by the help of this Yoga.