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Kartik Janma Dosha – A dosha Of The Weak Sun

Portrait of Surya Deva the Sun God of Gayatri Mantra.

The month starting from mid-October to mid-November approximately, is the Kartik month. And this month falls before Sankranti. It is also the period when the Sun transits to Libra. In this house, the Sun’s sheds his strength. And he is not the fearless anymore. Thus, a time when the Sun is feeble. A weak Sun is harmful in the horoscope. Hence, Kartik janma dosha sets in. If you are born in the Kartik month, you may have Kartik dosha. Although this dosha is long-lasting, we can manage its influence with remedies that are easy to practice.

The Sun God is our source of health and power
Surya – Our Source of health and Power

Kartik Janma Dosha – A Closer Look

Are you born between mid-October and mid-November? Then, you may have the Kartik janma dosha in your chart. The Sun reflects your good health. Therefore, a strong Sun means good health. It also brings a general well being in many aspects. A deeper look into this dosha can help us ward off its forces.

We should know that this dosha is quite common. And we need to accept that any dosha is a memory of our past karma. It directly connects to our good and bad deeds of the last birth. Hence, the first action is to accept the dosha. Understanding its outcome would be a wise decision. Then you easily learn the remedies. The cause and cure are now clear. Moreover, Kartik janma dosha remedies are simple to understand and follow.

If you have Katrik janma dosha, you may experience :

  • May have weak health
  • Lack of passion
  • Poor administrative quality in work
  • Affected relationship with father and father in law
  • The weak health may affect the relationship
  • Maybe a rude speaker
Rahu and ketu are strong influence on our sucess and life
Strong malefic planets

With such negative aspects, life can be tough. A strong Kartik janma dosha may control your life altogether. It leads to a sad personal life. As well as unsuccessful profession.

Find your Remedy

Firstly, this dosha is the harmful position of malefic planets. It sets when Rahu, Ketu and Shani are in the wrong houses. Secondly, it is a weak Sun’s place during its transit to Libra which is a hostile sign. Moreover, this movement in the third charana of krithika nakshatra is a reason for Kartik janma dosha. However, if you are born at a later time, it loses power. And lastly, the position of Mars may cause this dosha as well. Astrology has remedies for this dosha. We may learn and follow the remedies for a happy life.

Charities to the needy can reduce the effect of kartik janma dosha
Donations and charitable actions

Some simple remedies for Kartik janma dosha:

  • Praying to Sun God every morning
  • Bowing low to the Sun.
  • Offering prayers to Sun god on Sundays at the Navagraha.
  • Worshipping Lord Shiva.
  • Helping aged people ( umbrella, walking stick and Bhagavat Gita)
  • Chanting mantras for peace and joy.

Mantras are powerful and chanting the Surya mantras can be helpful to you. We may chant mantras and pray to Lord Ganesh and Shiva for their blessings. Although the mantras and yagnas that we practice may not totally wipe off the effects of Kartik janma dosha, you can expect the courage and wisdom to deal with obstacles. As a matter of fact, all the remedies suggested may reduce the conditions posed by the dosha. If in case you are affected by this dosha, you can find some relief and peace despite obstacles.

Feel the Energy in You

Prayers to Surya and chanting mantras
Energise your Chakras

Our body is made up of chakras. They are the basis of our existence. Ayurveda and astrology believe in energising the chakras with mantras. The beauty of Indian Astrology and Ayurveda is the fact that you can generate a sense of inner peace. You connect with the universe. and you feel the spirit of being one with the elements of nature. Furthermore, you develop a discipline that comes with good living and deeds. And learn the most valuable lesson – knowledge of yourself and your potentials.

Live Happy with Kartik Janma Dosha

Let us not fear this dosha. Astrology has effective remedies to manage such doshas. For instance, mantras can have great benefits. With charity and prayers, you can greatly reduce the effects of Kartik janma dosha. Further, chanting mantras can activate your chakras. You feel joy and power. As a result, you may reach for what you wish. For many, it could be a personal relationship and a good career. And once you have had this success, most of the difficulties may look simple to you. You gain the wisdom to deal with problems. By practising these remedies, the effects of this dosha can be easily reduced. And living with a weak Sun may be easy after all!