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Visha Dosha – A confluence of Shani and Chandran

Visha Dosha - A confluence of Shani and Chandran

Visha Dosha is the confluence of Shani and Chandran. Indeed, a powerful factor to behold. A yoga which creates adversities, more in the mind of the affected. Visha Dosha happens once in 27 days, which is the moon’s transition period around the earth. Furthermore, this yoga can be traumatic when the angle between Shani and Chandran is less than 12 degrees. It is the cause of oppressive behaviour as well. This dosha creates a gloomy state of depression in you. However, it can have a positive influence on some of us, despite its ill placement.

Saturn in its celestial position
Saturn in its celestial abode

Consider the scenario of you locked in prison. You are chained and whipped for the smallest of errors! By a relentless curator on constant vigil. Thus, you experience a state of fear and anguish. Nevertheless, this struggle is inside your mind. You feel life as an endless tunnel of hopelessness. As a matter of fact, Visha Dosha disturbs your mind and emotional well being.

Then again, Vedic astrology is an odd story. You may find many people with Visha Dosha leading successful lives. They are valuable contributors to our society. In reality, you will find then poorly rewarded for significant efforts. Visha Dosha makes you work harder to reach any goal in life.

Shani – The cruel force

The Story of Visha Dhosa

Let’s understand Visha Dosha better. Saturn is a planet corrupt with poisonous gases. Moon causes high and low tides in water bodies. Astrology signifies the moon as your mind. Saturn corrupts the mind with its toxic matter. And the effect is Visha Dosha. According to astrology, they are a formidable confluence. Saturn signifies scarcity, oppression, fear, poverty and hard work. While the moon is a factor of unrequited love and emotions. Most Importantly, these planets are opposing powers in astrology. Their characteristics are opposites. Therefore cause a state of unrest and despair in your life.

Visha Kanya Dosha is a poisonous yoga that is dreaded for its ill- fate. According to ancient beliefs, kings ordered damsels with this dosha to be assassinated. Such is the negative power of this dosha. It occurs when benefic and malefic planets of specific combinations position together in certain houses of the natal- chart. Unfortunately, visha Kanya dosha has the ability to cause sadness, bad habits, and even lead to the death of a spouse.

Visha Dosha and the Mind

The vicious Saturn in connection with the mind’s benefactor moon brings a clash of ideologies. Your mind undergoes a conflict between emotions and actions. Of course, an air of depression persists in your mind. Visha Dhosha creates a lack of trust. And generates lovelessness. You may feel paranoia and depression. Furthermore, Visha Dosha could cause suicidal thoughts as well! Your mind grows cruel and becomes an oppressor. In fact, many dictators may have Visha Dosha in their horoscopes. It dominates the mind into committing pain. Additionally, you may perform torturous deeds in case of the presence of Mars. Whereas, the presence of Jupiter could make you empathetic and kind. Rahu could complicate the situation further. As it is considered the result of your evil karmas from past birth.

Cure Visha Dosha

The effects of the yoga can be encompassing. It can be a period of confliction. Hence, consulting an astrologer may be a positive plan for a cure.

Lord Shiva is the antidote to Visha Dosha. Chanting ‘OmNama Shivaya’ in the evenings and nights can suppress the evil effects of this yoga. His blessing has the power of eliminating hatred and negativity. It evokes empathy and kindness.

The cure to Visha Dosha. Prayers to lord shiva
Lord Shiva – The Lord of Love and Kindness

The cure may not be easy. Your mind is in conflict. And, the best solution may be to follow either emotion (Moon) or the order of duties (Saturn). with the help of careful analysis by astrologers, choose your path. A dedicated focus on your life’s objective is essential. And Saturn is the catalyst in any path taken. Indeed, success is within reach if you follow your goals.

We must understand the significance of this yoga before any remedy. It is wise to know that performing yagnas and lighting oil lamps do not neutralise Visha Dosha. Even worshipping Hanuman does not solve this yoga. As a matter of fact, it is a potent form of Pitru Dosha.

Solace with Visha Dosha

It is prudent to make peace with Visha Dosha. Although this yoga can be difficult, it is not altogether disheartening. The hardship can turn into a blessing. And adversities become challenges. Furthermore, you grow strong and disciplined. Once the karma is fulfilled, you will reap its benefits. Thus, a success path is made!

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