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Nadi Dosha – The factors for Happy Marriage

We may perform pujas to negate the ill effects of our planets for a good marriage.

Hindu belief system upholds the significance of Nadi Dosha in a marriage union. Nadi is one of the eight kootas that are essential for a good marriage. We consider this dosha to be the key to the success or failure of a marriage. Thus, we follow the dictates of Vedic astrological forecasts in a matrimonial match. However, this occurs when the partners have the same Nadi. And such matches may lead to unhappy relationships. We need to analyse and understand the Nadi in order to formalise a wedding.

Match the nadi for a perferct match
A Perfect Match

Nadi effects can be powerful. In fact, it is the most valued among the kootas. The eight kootas add to thirty -six points altogether. Further, Nadi Dosha singularly bears eights points: the highest in the Kundli Milan. It is simply checking of physical, financial and mental compatibilities in a marriage. Therefore a vital element for a great marriage.

Does Nadi Dosha Affect You?

Nadi can have a disheartening effect on married life, if unresolved. Furthermore, it could be the unseen reason for various issues that disturb a peaceful relationship in marriage.

Kundli Milan

You may be experiencing its effect if you and your partner have the same nadi. This is when nadi dosha occurs. According to Vedic astrology, there are three types of nadi. They are Adi (first), Madhyam(middle) and Anthar/Antya (last). The qualities or prakritis have been described in ancient Ayurveda scripture quite explicitly. And, these nadis relate to the prakritis of the Vaat, Pita and Kaapa. Nadi behaves like poles in a magnet. Same poles repel, whereas opposite poles attract.

Some of the common nadi dosha effects in hindu marriage compatibility are as follows:

  • A relationship without love and attraction
  • Infertility issues
  • Health-related concerns
  • A Disturbed life
  • Possibility of unhealthy children both physical and mental.
Nadi Dosha was scripted in ancient times
Nadi match is followed since time immemorial

On the contrary, a good Nadi Dosha match is one that has opposite qualities or Prakriti. These marriages can be fulfilling as well as healthy. It would be the perfect union with potent joy and partnership in the relationship.

Can you cancel Nadi Dosha?

Of course! The presence of Nadi Dosha can be detected by analysing the horoscopes. You can reduce its influence or eliminate its effect altogether. It is wise to follow remedial practices when faced with the same nadi. Generally, the horoscopes of the proposed are scrutinised and checked for nadi match before marriage. Any nadi cancellation exercise may be performed before marriage. In some situations, the partners may not have checked the nadi match before marriage. And they may be experiencing a difficult married life. Such partners discover the cause at a later stage. Fortunately, you can correct or cancel its evil effects by performing the remedies.

Are there Nadi Exceptions?

Although Nadi Dosha is formidable in a marriage, there are exceptions to this rule. There are combinations of Rashi and nakshatras that defy its occurrence. You may overlook or ignore nadi in the following combinations of astrological charts:

  • Both partners born in different moon sign.
  • Both partners have the same moon sign but different nakshatras.
  • The ‘ChaturPurva Nadi’ classifications are different.
  • If they have varied biological systems( Vaata, Pitta and Kapha)

Different types of nadi may cause varied results. For instance, the same Adi match(Vaat) can lead to a lack of dedication. Hence, children of this couple may be fickle-minded. A marriage of partners with same Madhya or Pitta (acidic) may lead to a weak relationship. Unfortunately, this may result in separation or even divorce. Finally, the same Antya may bring about a passionless life. Therefore, a careful evaluation of the nadi is most recommended for perfect matrimony.

nadi match is recommended for a happy matrimony
The auspicious marriage ceremony

Remedies for Happy Marriage

Although a considerable influence, it can be overcome with simple precautions. A pre-planned approach can improve or eliminate its ill effects. We can follow some of these methods to negate Nadi Dosha effects:

  • Mahamrityunjaya mantras for a specified period.
  • Performing Nadi Nirvana Puja.
  • Marrying the bride to Lord Vishnu before the groom.
  • Offering donations like grains and clothes to poor brahmins.
  • Finally, practising a life of cooperation and understanding.

Peace with Nadi

Since ancient times, we believe in Nadi Dosha. It is the practice of Hindus to analyse and adhere to its dictates. You check and value its forecast. Most importantly, you trust its astrological forecast. And it is highly regarded in Hindu marriages. You can never ignore it unless they fall under nadi exceptions.

Let us embrace the significance of Nadi Dosha. Understanding its value is vital in a joyful marriage. After all, it is an ingredient for a perfectly matched union.