Match Your Kundali

Horoscope Matching ! Astrology in Marriage is the Key to Heavenly Matrimony

nadi match is recommended for a happy matrimony

People say that marriages are made in heaven. It is a way of suggesting the value of celestial bodies having a positive or negative result in your married life. One would seek astrology in marriage for guidance. Thus, one may understand this statement better now.

Moreover, there have been many cases where a poorly matched horoscope made a weak or failed relationship. Further, an unmatched marriage may lead to an unhappy life or even divorce. The planets in our natal chart are a result of our past karmas. You can expect a good life if the planets are in the right houses. Hence, it could be useful to know the importance of astrology in marriages.

You often wonder as to why some partners are blessed with joyful lives, while certain others may not find happiness in their relationship. Again, you cannot completely hold them responsible for this condition. Although our personal efforts are important in a marriage, it is the planets that influence our thoughts. And of course, our thoughts affect our behaviours.

Marriage is a joyful occasion in our lives if it is matched well
The Joy of Marriage

Planets for Great Match Of Astrology In Marriage

Natal charts or birth charts are what one is born with. They are the planets present in our horoscope. The planets, their specific paths, and their movements are major factors strengthening the match in the marriage. And they greatly affect all aspects of our life. Be it education or career, finance or health, our marriage and relationships.

Venus is the planet that gives you what you crave and desire. Its good positioning is essential for a good life. Additionally, Jupiter is important for marriage as well. Therefore, the subcategory of planets or bhukti and the dhasha or transition of main planets decide many events in your life. Including your ideal marriage time!

Our birth chart shows us the best time for marriage
Birth chart indicates Marriage

When one checks astrology in marriage, the seventh house planet is significant. This place is the home for a good marriage and relationship. Thus, you need to check the planet in this house particularly.

Marriage is good when the Lord of the seventh house is in corner places or in trikona box spaces like the first, fifth or 9th house. Furthermore, a powerful lord in the house can also lead to marriage. Astrology in marriage is therefore essential to understand the good or bad placements.

If the planetary positions are positive when both boys and girls charts are merged, then it sort of leads to a heavenly match. There are various methodologies and rule sets to figure out if the combined Rasi and Navamsa of the partners exhibit chemistry post Horoscope Matching.

Why are some Marriages Delayed?

A perfect match of marriage in Vedic astrology may be the key to a happy marriage. Hence, one needs to include astrology marriage predictions as guidance. Astrology in marriage is a sure way to know the reason for delays in marriages. In general, weak place of Venus and the lord of the seventh house can delay marriage for a male. The malefic planets may further weaken the marriage time. However, beneficial planets in the seventh house and Venus position can help is early marriage. And Jupiter plays an important role in early and blissful marriage for a female.

Astrology has many ways to deal with marriage delays. It is definitely possible to find astrology remedies for delays in marriages by special poojas. You can strengthen the weak planets with your prayers.

Planetary placements are indicators of are marriage and happiness
Planets Reflect your Possibilities in life

What are Conflicts in Marriages?

One goes through many details for astrology in marriage-matching. You need to see the doshas and make a suitable proposal. It is very important to cancel any dosha presence or its effects in a marriage match. Your birth chart has a distressed Mars when it is present in the second, fourth, seventh, eighth or twelfth house of the birth chart. And you should match this horoscope to one of the same situations.

Saturn is also a great effect on your astrology in marriage. Saturn – Mars – Venus connection can cause a poor marital relationship. Hence, this fact has to be checked before a marriage match.

Karma and Astrology in Marriage

Hindus believe that karma can a direct control on our natal chart. According to the Hindu belief, our past deeds are shown in our horoscope. All that good in our life is due to karma. And all the negative in our life is again the cause of karma. Therefore, karma is one factor which constantly moves around our lives. You regard it as the greatest guardian of our thoughts and actions.

One may perform pujas to negate the ill effects of our planets for a good marriage.
Pujas for Marriage

A happy married life or a broken marriage – both are caused by your Karma. In Hinduism, Karma is universal. Thus, you strongly value the results of our birth charts in a marriage. And use astrology in marriage as a guide to help us find the match that would bring us peace and joy. After all, your Indian marriage compatibility by date of birth is, truly made in heaven.